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Clear Glass Basic Water Pipe



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Clear Basic Water Pipe - A Quick Intro

Sometimes it's better to keep things simple, and this Clear Basic Water Pipe by LA Pipes does just that. 

Featuring a straightforward design, this simple water pipe delivers massive hits that are efficiently diffused through its fixed downstem. The lab beaker-inspired style of this water pipe makes it harder to knock over due to the larger base, the long skinny neck helps to cool down the smoke before it reaches your mouth.

This Basic Water Pipe is crafted from thick scientific glass so that it is less likely to crack or shatter from small drops or thermal shock.

Top 5 Clear Basic Water Pipe Features 

Straightforward Design

This bong is made for the minimalists of the stoner world, featuring an extremely simple design without any complex features. The straightforward design of this basic water pipe leaves very little room for confusion, making this the ideal piece for beginners.


The beaker design of this bong can give you more peace of mind when leaving it on your coffee table, the larger bubble base of this unit makes it harder to tip over. The long skinny neck also helps cool down the smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece.

Scientific Glass

Scientific glass is another way to say that it is made with borosilicate glass, which is ultra-durable and lasts much longer than typical glass. This type of glass won't crack or shatter from small drops or thermal shock. 

Fixed Downstem

The downstem of a bong is a glass tube that funnels smoke from the bowl towards the bottom of the bong. When there is water inside, the downstem pulls the smoke in through the water to diffuse the smoke so that it tastes better and is smoother on the throat and lungs. 

The downstem of this bong is fixed, which means it is built into the bong and won't clink around or break when transporting the bong.

Bowl Handle

One of the worst things you can experience during a smoke session is burning your fingers on the hot herb bowl as you try to pull it out during a hit. Luckily, the bowl on this water pipe has a little tail that you can use as a handle to prevent needless burns. 

How To Use Clear Basic Water Pipe

The simple design of this glass water pipe leaves no room for confusion. Using this piece is as simple as loading it up, lighting the bowl, and enjoying a nice satisfying hit. 

1. How To Operate Clear Glass Basic Water Pipe

Place the bong on a flat surface such as a table or desk with the bowl attached. Fill the unit with water through the mouthpiece until the bottom hole of the downstem is covered. 

Grind your herb up to a medium consistency to where air can still travel through the bowl but not too fine to where pieces are falling through the bowl. Carefully load with your ground herb and gently pat-down. 

Place your lips inside of the mouthpiece to create a tight seal, then take a heat source and light the bowl as you are gently inhaling. When you are satisfied with the amount of smoke, you can remove the bowl and clear the chamber.

2. How To Get Cool Hits From Clear Basic Water Pipe

For the best results from your bong, it is always best to ensure you are properly keeping up with it and performing regular deep cleanings. Built-up residue can affect the performance of your piece and cause it to deliver smoke that tastes bad and is harder on your throat. 

If your water pipe is nice and clean yet you’re still wanting smoother hits, you can try filling the bong with colder water or even add a few ice cubes. This will produce smoke that is chilled, smooth, and tasty.

3. How To Clean/Maintain Clear Basic Water Pipe

Start with removing the herb bowl from this Clear Basic Water Pipe and placing it into a container of isopropyl alcohol to soak for a few hours.

Pour an isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt solution into the bong through the mouthpiece. Cover all open holes, then give the unit a shake to clean off the residue inside. Pour out the dirty water and repeat this process until fully clean.

When you have finished, rinse the bowl and the rest of the bong well with warm water to get rid of any alcohol residue left behind. 

Technical Specifications


8 inch

Joint Type


Joint Angle

45 Degree

Percolator Type







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What’s included:

  • 1x Clear Glass Basic Pipe
Clear Glass Basic Water Pipe

Clear Glass Basic Water Pipe