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Cooling Glycerin Attachment 14mm

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Cooling Glycerin Attachment

Make sure each hit is super cooled with this Glycerin Coil Chiller Attachment from Grav Labs. At just under six inches, this space saving piece is designed to fit both male and female 14mm and 19mm joint sizes.

Cooling Glycerin Attachment

  • Upgraded Coil Design
  • Freeze Proof Glycerin
  • 19mm & 14mm Male or Female Joint
  • Available in Red, Green, or Blue

Upgraded Coil Design

The coil air path in this attachment means that more cooling has been packed into a smaller amount of space. This means that your hit has to travel further through more of the cooling glycerin before it reaches your lungs.

Freeze Proof Glycerin

This bong uses glycerin in the place of water as a cooling fluid. Since glycerin does not expand when cooled, go ahead and put this attachment in the fridge, or freezer! Take it out when you're ready to experience a way cooler toke.

Available In Red, Green or Blue

This piece is available in a variety of colours, either red, green, or blue. Simply select from the drop-down menu.

Made in the USA

Grav Labs is proud to manufacture their quality glassware in Austin, Texas.

Check out our Grav Labs Collection!

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