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Coronavirus Hand Pipe - A Quick Intro

Are you really a dried herb fan if you do not have a coronavirus hand pipe on deck to enjoy your sessions?

All kidding aside, the last several years having to put up with this relentless pandemic has been a breeding ground for pessimism and overall despair. Why not brighten things up a little with a fun handmade pipe inspired by the ridiculousness of our current life?

The before times (as in, 2019) would have never called for a hand pipe inspired by a respiratory illness, and in a sense, that is what makes this kitschy design so easy to like. 

What can we say about a hand pipe? These are simple tools meant to enjoy dried herbs with ease and portability. They are fairly simple to use, easy to clean, and in this case, fun to carry around. 

This particular hand crafted hand pipe is inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, and comes in 2 different colors: bright red and vibrant green. 

Top 5 Coronavirus Hand Pipe Features 

Hand Crafted Design 

You will find yourself being put into topics of conversation you never expected with this hand pipe! Hand crafted and created with originality, this artisanal design makes a statement.

Borosilicate Glass

Yes, accidents happen. We drop our phones, our food, our face masks (ugh!). With a hand pipe made of borosilicate glass, accidents are less frequent and less prone to ending up with a broken pipe. 

Multiple Colors

This coronavirus hand pipe comes in a vibrant red and green color, giving you a choice of vibe. Why not both, come to think of it? 

Hand Blown Glass

This tried and true technique has created glass works of art from day one, and you get to enjoy a very special artistic statement with this particular work of art! 

Easy to Clean and Portable

This pipe is fairly simple to clean, though you would do best to ensure you do so regularly! Also, its small size is a benefit as well, allowing you to bring it along with you anywhere. 

How To Use Coronavirus Hand Pipe

Check out some of the specs of the Coronavirus Hand pipe. 

1. How To Operate Coronavirus Hand Pipe

To use your hand pipe, just follow these simple steps.

One, make sure you have dried herb that has been grinded to a consistency that goes well in the bowl. You do not want a chunky consistency that can cause herbs to fall out of the bowl and create a mess.

Once you have packed the bowl with your herbs, take your pipe holding the bowl area between your thumb and pointer fingers, and cover the carb hole with one finger as you bring the mouthpiece to your lips.

From here, light the herbs in the bowl and inhale steadily as they glow red. Repeat to your liking. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From Coronavirus Hand Pipe

Cleanliness is next to godliness! Make sure you have a clean pipe to be able to successfully smoke your dried herbs without nasty debris making their way into your mouth or lungs. 

A clean pipe also makes for better taste and better hits.

Also, you will want to make sure that your dried herb consistency is, well, consistent, 

giving you a uniform bowl to give you clean, efficient smoke. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain Coronavirus Hand Pipe

Cleaning duties should happen often. The best way to clean these is to rinse it with hot water, then an additional rinse with 99% alcohol, making sure to vigorously rinse it with both. Repeat as needed.

To clean your Coronavirus hand pipe of grime and debris (since liquid alone will loosen but not remove), take a small pipe cleaner (you can buy these at a craft store), and insert into the pipe to remove any excess grime and debris. 

Technical Specifications

Here are some specific tech specs of your handpipe. 


5 inches


Borosilicate Glass


Made in the USA

Joint Angle

90 Degree


Red and Green



What’s included:

  • 1 Hand blown Glass Coronavirus Hand Pipe
Coronavirus Hand Pipe

Coronavirus Hand Pipe