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Storz & Bickel Crafty+ Vaporizer with USB-C Cable

VENDOR: Storz & Bickel

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Who Should Buy The Crafty+?

The Crafty Plus is far from a beginner vape. Its price tag and the relative amount of vape experience needed to get the most out of it make it ideal for vape enthusiasts. Those with a bit more experience or who have particularly exacting standards for vapor quality may find that the Crafty is the ideal vaporizer for them.

Crafty+ Vaporizer


This is some of the best possible vapor quality you could possibly find in a handheld vape, and once you get a feel for its different temperature settings you'll be able to create some truly incredible, custom sessions. Of course, a modest level of tech expertise is needed to get the Plus vape hooked up to the Storz & Bickel app for its expanded functionality. This may leave some technophobes out in the cold, but if you think you can handle it then the Crafty Plus is for you. 

Why You’ll Love The Crafty+

The Crafty Plus is a premium quality vaporizer. This should be no surprise, Storz & Bickel practically define what quality in the vape industry means. If you want a device that's powerful, reliable, efficient, and surprisingly easy to use then look no further. 

The Crafty Plus is the culmination of years of hard-won vape expertise. It takes the power of the Storz & Bickel hybrid heating system and makes it convenient and portable. It also takes the quality of the Mighty and makes it perfect for everyday use. 

Finally, it takes everything that was good about the original Crafty and improves on it, adding a variety of quality of life features. This means you'll be able to enjoy a quicker heat-up time, a better battery life, and more intuitive BlueTooth connectivity alongside the incredible vapor quality and amazing design of the original Crafty. 

Storz & Bickel create timeless vaporizers, but with the Crafty Plus, they've modernized a classic. 

How To Use The Crafty+?

How To Operate The Crafty+?

Loading the Crafty Plus is simple. First, detach the mouthpiece and chamber convert from the top of the vape. This should expose the herb chamber. Then, carefully decant your dry herb into the device directly from your grinder. Then, quickly reattach the mouthpiece. 

To activate the device, hold down the power button for a few seconds. When it turns on it will immediately begin heating and should reach vaping temperature in around 30 seconds. 

While it doesn't have comprehensive onboard controls the Crafty Plus is easy to get to grips with. To cycle through the default temperature settings simply hold down the power button. However, if you use the device's BlueTooth connectivity you can expand your control with the Storz & Bickel smartphone app. This allows you to select any temperature in the Crafty's 104° F - 410° F heat spectrum.

How To Get Best Vapor Quality?

As with any vaporizer, the trick to getting the very most out of it begins in the preparation stages of your vape experience. Grinding your herb to a medium-fine consistency and packing it in loosely allows you to enjoy a dense and flavorful vapor that is drawn for the device's entire surface area. 

How To Clean It?

Many Storz & Bickel Vapes are known for being tricky to clean. However, the Crafty Plus makes the chore much easier. First, you’ll need to gather a few supplies: some isopropyl alcohol or cleaning solution, alcohol wipes, a few q tips, and maybe a bristled brush. 

The chamber is easy to access and clean out but to minimize your work, try to empty it of any used herb after each session. This will prevent any stubborn grime from building up. The mouthpiece can be gently cleaned with a q-tip.

Deeper cleans are a little more involved but still straightforward. Carefully disassemble the mouthpiece and upper section of the Crafty Plus. Placing any o-rings into cleaning solution or alcohol. The same can be done with the screens from the bottom of the chamber. 

Next, gently wipe down all components that come into direct contact with herb or vapor with a soft cloth wetted with a tiny drop of alcohol. Set everything aside to dry before reassembly. Finally, before use, ensure that you put the device through a test heating cycle to ensure that any residual alcohol evaporates away. 

Top 5 Crafty+ Features 

1. Hybrid Heating

The Crafty Plus is built around the iconic Storz & Bickel hybrid heating system. This takes the best of both conduction and convection and brings them together into one superpower and super-efficient synergy. This system allows users to get more out of their herb by ensuring that the entire surface area of each particle is used. It does this by directly heating the herb that comes into contact with it, and indirectly baking the active ingredients out of the herb with hot air. This leads to denser, more flavorful vapor. 

2. Storz & Bickel App

The Crafty Plus was forced to scale back its onboard control system for the sake of saving space. However, this doesn't mean that users have to put up with a substandard control scheme. Thanks to its BlueTooth connectivity, the Crafty Plus can use the Storz & Bickel smartphone app to greatly increase the level of control a user has over it. Allowing them access to its full temperature spectrum, which they can adjust in single degree increments!

3. Compact Design

Storz & Bickel vapes aren't renowned for their petite size. In fact, many are extremely large, the volcano, in particular, is regarded as a particularly large desktop vape. The Crafty Plus, however, is a discreet and sleek device that can easily slip into any pocket or bag. This means you can enjoy incredible vapor quality whenever and wherever you want

4. Incredible Vapor Quality

The Crafty is a premium-quality vaporizer, and that means it produces premium-quality vapor. This is a vaporizer for anyone who wants to get the very most out of their dry herb, enjoying dense, potent, smooth, and delicious vapor. You can be assured that there are few portable vapes that can so much as hold a candle to the Crafty Plus. 

5. Improved Battery life

The original Crafty was a fantastic device, but it had a few shortcomings. One of which was unimpressive battery life. The Crafty Plus has solved this problem by offering a sturdy and reliable battery life.

Is the Crafty+ worth It? 

The Crafty Plus is one of the more affordable vaporizers in the Storz & Bickel range, however, it is still a premium device with a hefty price tag. This is a serious investment for any vape fan, however, the returns you get in quality, ease of use, and efficiency are more than worth the money. 

Its hybrid heating system is the same as that found in the much larger Mighty, and it features all of the great features of the original Crafty. However, it is a far more modern vaporizer than either of these and is sure to be around, dominating the vape industry for years to come. 

If you consider yourself a vape aficionado, and you have room in your budget, then the Crafty Plus is more than worth the price of admission. 

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Mighty Vaporizer


The Mighty is the flagship portable dry herb vaporizer in the Storz & Bickel range. It is a large and chunky vaporizer, a lot of its size being given over to a dual battery setup that gives the Mighty impressive staying power. It features the iconic Storz & Bickel hybrid heating system, offering an incredible level of vapor quality. All of this can be controlled via the LED display and comprehensive control scheme that lets users adjust the temperature settings in ten-degree jumps or single increments. 

What’s included:


Crafty Plus Vaporizer

1x USB-C Cable

1x Set of Spare Seal Rings

3x Spare Screens

Concentrate Pad

3x Small Coarse Screens

Safety Manual

Dosing Capsule

Cleaning Brush


Technical Specifications:


Dry Herb

Chamber capacity


Temperature range

104° F - 410° F

Charging time

90 Minutes 

Battery length

40 minutes of continuous use


4.3” x 2.2” x 1.3”

Heating system



2 Years

5 Most Important Questions About The Crafty+

Q1: Can The Crafty Plus Be Used With Concentrate?

The Crafty Plus isn't a dual-use device, but it can vaporize oil and wax concentrate if used with a concentrate pad 

Q2: Can The Crafty Plus Be Used As It Charges?

The Crafty Plus can be used as it charges after a short initial charge period. 

Q3: Where Can I Download The Storz & Bickel App?

The Storz & Bickel App can be downloaded from the Google play store, while an iPhone version exists, its availability is often blocked by Apple, but can be used by Apple users on the Storz and Bickel web app. 

Q4: Does The Crafty Plus Smell?

While every device that works with vapor does emit some amount of smell, the vapor from the Crafty Plus dissipates quickly and doesn't stick to clothes or hair. 

Q5: Can The Crafty Plus Be Used With A Bong?

The Crafty Plus doesn't come with a water tool as standard, however, there are aftermarket accessories available. Great care should always be taken when using your Crafty Plus around water. 

Storz & Bickel Crafty+ Vaporizer with USB-C Cable

Storz & Bickel Crafty+ Vaporizer with USB-C Cable