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Crown Dabber with Carb Cap Assorted

Crown Dabber with Carb Cap Assorted

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  • Product Description

    Vaporize your concentrates like a king with the Crown Dabber with Carb Cap from Roor. One end has a refined point, perfect for selecting the prime piece of concentrate. The other end features a rounded disc that works as a carb cap. Simply place the blunt end over your chosen concentrate nail (or similar apparatus) and it works to hold in any vapour that might otherwise be lost.


    • Hand Crafted Dab Tool

    • Crowned Accents

    • 1-inch diameter Carb Cap

    • Assorted Colours


    Carb Cap

    Ingeniously, RooR add a carb cap to this eye-catching dabber design. The carb cap enables the user to dab at lower temperatures. The added feature creates a chamber with restricted airflow, which produces a vortex and helps cool both the air and the vapour inside.

    RooR Glass

    All RooR glass products are made in Germany at the RooR Studios. Made from the finest borosilicate glass, this essential dabbing tool is extremely durable and will last a lifetime.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Roor
    concentrate utensils Dabbing Tools
    dabber style Novelty / Heady
    diameter 21mm
    length 101mm
    material Glass
    tip style Poker