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scientific glass pipe with matrix and honeycomb perc
clear water pipe
glass bong with matrix perc and honeycomb perc
closeup of base and matrix perc
honeycomb perc closeup
closeup of splashguard
ice cube in ice catcher
Sold Out

    14" Matrix Perc to Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe

    14" Matrix Perc to Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe

    This water pipe is the perfect one for you if you like your session to be ultra filtered. This pipe is equipped wit a horizontal matrix percolator as well as a honeycomb percolator for excellent diffusion and filtration. It then goes up to the splashguard and will be filtered one more time before hitting the ice pinches where if you decide to put ice will ensure that your hit will be cool and filtered leading only to the best hit ever. 

    It comes with an 18mm male fowl, but you can also add an ash catcher to up the filtration. 



    • 25mm (1") Inner Diameter Mouthpiece45mm (1.75") Total Outer Diameter Tubing
    • 5" Diameter Base Created Using 5mm Thick Glass
    • 90degree Angled Fixed Downstem
    • Glass Water Pipe
    • High-Quality Scientific Glass Construction
    • Honeycomb Perc
    • Matrix Barrel Percolator
    • Dewar's Joint
    • Ice Catcher
    • 90° Joint
    • Female Joint
    • 18mm Joint


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