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Beaker Base Water Pipe
Beaker Base Water Pipe
Beaker Base Water Pipe
Beaker Base Water Pipe
Beaker Base Water Pipe
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    Beaker Base Water Pipe

    While a simplistic piece, this beaker bong is one of our most popular, for a number of reasons. It comes accompanied by a deep glass bowl, ready to be packed full of dry herbs. It has a fixed downstem connecting the bowl and the beaker based chamber of the bong. The beaker base design serves a number of purposes, it makes the bong much sturdier, adding to the longevity and durability of the piece of glass, while it also adds an attractive look to the bong with most people seeming to prefer beakers in the bong market today. The glass used in the construction of this bong is one of the highest grades of scientific glass available today. This piece is made using American glass in Los Angeles, California.


    The beaker design of bong is one of the most frequently seen today. Built with strength and longevity in mind, beaker bongs aren’t just for show. This particular beaker is backed up even further with thick glass, meaning this beaker is as strong as they come. Beakers will always be popular due to their durable nature.


    Nothing matches watching your smoke accumulate in the chamber and neck of your bong mid hit. This piece is built with clear glass meaning watching the magic happen is as easy as pie.


    The bowl included with this piece is deeper than the average giving you, the user, the option to pack it tight with as much dry herb as you please. While half packed bowls work just as perfectly too if you are still a beginner bong user.


    The flared mouthpiece with this bong ensures an airtight seal throughout the bong, meaning no valuable smoke or vapor escapes!


    The downstem connects the bowl with water in the chamber of the bong. The downstem included with this piece is fixed in place.


    The glass used in the build of this bong really can’t be complimented enough. American made, the manufacturers using only the finest quality scientific glass at a massive thickness of 5mm!


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