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Fritted Glass Rasta Chillum

VENDOR: DankStop


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Dankstop - Fritted Glass Rasta Chillum

Chillum pipes are one of the oldest pipe designs in the world. The fact that it's still in use today proves that they are doing something right. This pocket pipe is made from thick, fritted glass colored in a super-saturated red, green, and yellow. It measures 3.5 inches, perfect for carrying with you when you haven't got much room to spare. 

Top 5 Fritted Glass Rasta Chillum Features 

Coloured Glass

The glass on the piece is a vivid, fritted gradient that goes from deep green, through a fiery yellow, and into a deep red. The stunning finish on this glass chillum makes it look even more vivid and striking, truly this is a piece you'll want to show off. 

Thick Glass

The Dankstop glass that this piece is made out of is incredibly thick and solid. This has two advantages; firstly it can stand up to a bit of wear and tear, and secondly, it offers more area for the heat of your hits to dissipate into. This leads to smoother hits. 

Compact Size

Measuring in at only 3.5", this piece is scarcely bigger than a lighter. This is perfect for popping in your pocket or bag when you want a pipe with you when you're out and about. 

Carb Hole

The carb hole allows you to alter the potency of your hits by allowing you to increase or decrease the airflow with your finger. 

Deep Bowl

The deep bowl on this piece means that you can pack in a serious amount of herb. Perfect for extra-long sessions, or for sharing with friends. 

How To Use Fritted Glass Rasta Chillum

1. How To Operate Fritted Glass Rasta Chillum?

Grind your herb and carefully decant it into this pipe's bowl. Then, carefully tamp it down until it is even and flat. Place an open flame to the herb and draw to experience an impressive hit. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From Fritted Glass Rasta Chillum?

If you want an especially cool hit with this piece, don't pack the bowl too densely and leave the carb hole totally uncovered. 

3. How To Clean it?

Empty the bowl out after every session. When the build-up gets bad, use some isopropyl alcohol and pipe cleaners to break up and wipe away any stubborn grime. 


Technical Specifications

Height 3.5 inch
Material  Glass
Glass Thickness 16mm
Colors Green Yellow Red
Brand Dankstop

What’s included:

  • 1 * Fritted Glass Rasta
Fritted Glass Rasta Chillum

Fritted Glass Rasta Chillum

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