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Fumed Ice Cube Steamroller
Ice Cube Steamroller
Fumed Glass Steamroller
Fumed Glass Hand Pipe
Fumed Ice Cube Steamroller with Bubbles
Mini Steamoller

    Fumed Ice Cube Steamroller


    Fumed Ice Cube Steamroller

    This fully rectangular steamroller is shaped just like an ice cube made entirely out of fumed glass. This steamroller has a deep bowl and two holes on each end. The hole closest farthest from the bowl is the mouthpiece and the hole closest to the bowl is the carb hole. The front facing carb hole acts as a wind tunnel and create a more intense hit. 

    While the majority of this steamroller is pink because of the fumed glass you will also see a yellow color in the light and while you use it. It comes in two options, either with bubbles or with a green spiral. 


    • flat sides 
    • front facing carb cap
    • fumed glass
    • colored glass


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