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Rasta Colored Bubbler
Rasta Bubbler
Bubbler with Rasta Colors
Bubbler with Fixed Downstem
Bubbler with Bent Neck
Deep Bowl
Sold Out

    Rasta Colored Bubbler

    Rasta Colored Bubbler

    If you like the rasta color design then you are sure to love this bubbler. Not only does it do a great job at showing off the rasta colors, but it performs like a beauty. 

    At the end you have a very deep bowl that is ready for whatever you want to pack into it. There is a fixed downstem leading right to the bottom to allow for the need of less water and still giving you a smooth hit. The angle design of the neck is multipurpose for keeping the flame away from your face and also a splashguard. 


    • 2" wide base
    • deep bowl
    • colored glass
    • bent neck


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