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"Rocky Ring" Sherlock Bubbler

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"Rocky Ring" Fumed Sherlock Bubbler - A Quick Intro

This Dankstop striking sherlock bubbler looks like a piece of coral with its flowing, undulating, and organic form. However, don't be fooled, this is a precision-designed vaporizer with incredible airflow, a deep bowl, and striking color-changing borosilicate glass!

Top 5 "Rocky Ring" Fumed Sherlock Bubbler Features 

1. Ring Mouthpiece

There's a lot going on with this piece, so you'd be forgiven for overlooking the mouthpiece at first. However, it is one of the most interesting features of this pipe. It is a unique ring design. The airpath splits into two distinct pipes before rejoining. This feature is surprisingly comfortable to use, and also gives you a handy point to slip a safety loop if you ever want to clip it onto something.

2. Sherlock Pipe Design

The Rocky Ring, though unique, does feature the classic sherlock design. This means that it is easy to handle, has a long airpath, and even a little water reservoir. This means that you can expect superior cooling with every hit when compared to more traditional pipes.

3. Water Cooling

Many pipes rely on airflow and their shape to deliver decent cooling. However, this piece incorporates a small water reservoir into its design. This means that the surface area of each hit will be effectively cooled, resulting in a smooth dry herb experience. 

4. Carb Hole

A carbhole is often overlooked but it has a lot to offer. It allows you to alter the strength and potency of each hit. If you fully cover it, expect a dense, strong hit. For a smoother hit leave it uncovered!

5. Deep Bowl

This piece features a surprisingly deep bowl. This makes it perfect for sharing, allowing you to pack enough for you and all of your friends. Or, if you're so inclined, you could simply enjoy an extra-long session all to yourself!

How To Use "Rocky Ring" Fumed Sherlock Bubbler

How To Operate "Rocky Ring" Fumed Sherlock Bubbler?

First, pour a little water into the belly of the bubbler. Make sure you only partially cover the airpath to ensure an easy draw. Then, grind up some of your favorite herbal blend and carefully decant it into the bow. Tamp it down and then put a flame to it and inhale. 

How To Get Cool Hits From "Rocky Ring" Fumed Sherlock Bubbler?

Ensure the piece is clean and the water in the reservoir is clean and cool. 

How To Clean/Maintain "Rocky Ring" Fumed Sherlock Bubbler?

Empty out the reservoir and pour in a little isopropyl alcohol. Shake the piece thoroughly, and then carefully empty it out. Wipe out the bowl with a q-tip dipped in alcohol, and break up any stubborn grime with a brush. Ensure that the piece is totally dry before use. 

Technical Specifications

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6 inch


Borosilicate Glass

Glass Thickness



Green, Pink, Red, Blue



What’s included:

  • 1 * "Rocky Ring" Fumed Sherlock Bubbler
"Rocky Ring" Sherlock Bubbler

"Rocky Ring" Sherlock Bubbler

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