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Dankstop - Straight Tube Water Pipe

VENDOR: DankStop

DV:810.0 DP:4590.0 FD:810.0
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An absolute beauty to look at, this is one of our best examples of straight tube bongs on Using 5mm thick borosilicate glass, this Dankstop straight tube bong could almost be concerned reinforced. The thicker glass adds stability and helps to prevent breakages when knocked over. This water pipe includes a number of amazing features to help it stand out from the crowd; from the ice catcher found in the neck of the bong to the diffuser in the downstem, you are guaranteed smooth enjoyable hits with this straight tube bong. With the diffuser and ice catcher helping you to achieve the perfect temperature for bong hits,

you are left enjoying only the coolest, most refreshing draws from this water pipe. This bong uses 14mm female joint and has a nice wide mouthpiece, easy to keep airtight! Overall, this piece has a range of features designed to make your smoking experience as perfect as possible. Have a look through these amazing features below:

Straight Tube

This Bong uses a straight tube design. This means the bongs stands vertically upright from the base to the mouthpiece. This is becoming an ever more popular style of water pipe. Much easier to clean, straight tube bongs are extremely popular with the regular user.

Clear Glass

This bongs is made from high grade, quality clear glass. This allows you to watch as your piece bubbles and breaks the smoke up creating a wonderful experience. The type of glass used in the construction of this bong is borosilicate which increases both the strength and longevity of your piece.

Ice Catcher

The pinch in the neck of this water pipe allows for ice to be placed there. This creates much cooler, fresher hits as your smoke must travel through the ice on its way to the mouthpiece.

Female 14mm joint

This bong features a female joint at the 14mm size. It is compatible with all male jointed accessories the same dimensions.

Flared Mouthpiece

This water pipe boasts a totally airtight experience. Using a flared mouthpiece (elevated glass around the mouthpiece). This creates a superior smoking experience where none of your valuable smoke can escape.

Removable Downstem

The cleaning process associated with this bong could not be easier. Using a removable downstem, the process is significantly sped up. The downstem used in this piece is also diffused which helps to break your smoke up even further, ensuring only the smoothest, cleanest hits every time!

Dankstop - Straight Tube Water Pipe

Dankstop - Straight Tube Water Pipe

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