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Who Should Buy The DaVinci IQC?

In 2017, DaVinci released the original IQ vaporizer, followed by the IQ2 in 2019. The Davinci IQC has been released in 2021 with improvements to technological features, greatly improving the performance of the unit.

The IQC is related to its predecessors. It features the same compact and portable design boasted by the IQ and IQ2, staying true to the model's roots. It includes many of the features we’ve grown to love from previous IQ models, including a microdosing ability, an extended mouthpiece, and those incredible smart path heat settings. 

Why You’ll Love The DaVinci IQC?

There’s so much to love about the IQC vape. It’s thoughtfully crafted by the DaVinci team with a passion for dry herb devotees to feast their eyes on. It’s all you could ask for in a portable vaporizer. With rechargeable and removable batteries providing one hour of continuous usage per charge, it’ll support all your sessions on the move. 

It’s perfect for users who love experimenting with different temperature options to produce varieties of vapor density and flavor profiling. Once heated, the vapor travels through the IQC’s all-glass vapor path, cooling it expertly before inhalation. 

How To Use The DaVinci IQC?

The IQC boasts an incredibly user-friendly and intuitive interface to control the device. We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing endless sessions with this beauty, and it doesn’t disappoint. We’ve noted some of the best practices for getting started, getting the most from, and maintaining the IQC.

How To Operate The DaVinci IQC

Just like any portable vaporizer, the most important thing to do first is place the unit on an initial charge. This won’t take long at all and will provide you will approximately 2 hours of continuous usage. 

Turning on the device requires the power button to be pressed 5 times in succession. Once this is done, press the directional buttons to select one of the smart paths. 

How To Get Best Vapor Quality

What determines the best vapor quality will depend largely on each specific user. After all, we all have different preferences regarding the balance between vapor production and flavor profile, for example. The various temperature settings and smart paths can be experimented with to find the perfect balance for you. 

How To Clean/Maintain It

Cleaning and maintaining the IQC has been made incredibly simple by DaVinci. Similar to previous IQ models, the areas that require cleaning are the mouthpiece and the chamber. 

To clean the mouthpiece all you need to do is remove it, then soak it in a bowl of isopropyl alcohol. The chamber is a little tricker, but can still be completed swiftly. Using an isopropyl-soaked cleaning swab, gently wipe away all residue away. 

Top 5 DaVinci IQC Features 

Now we know all about how to use the IQC, let’s get into the features. We’ve highlighted the features we find the most unique and influential about the DaVinci IQC. We’ve included a quick description of each, too. 

1. Design

We’ve already mentioned how the design of the IQC is, of course, heavily influenced by its predecessors, the IQ and IQ2. Aesthetically it’s very similar other than its sandboxed aluminum body compared to the IQ2’s brushed body. 

The body is both durable and strong, perfect for withstanding the hustle and bustle of everyday usage on the go. The IQC is available in Onyx, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire so you’ll have the choice of which one suits your style the most. 

2. Temperature Control 

Like previous DaVinci models, the IQC boasts famous precision temperature control as well as smart paths. 

The precision mode will enable users to control the temperature of the device with the navigational arrow buttons on the side of the device. It’ll indicate the temperature you’re on through the LED light display on the front. 

3. Smart Path Heating

Smart path mode will allow users to choose 1 of 4 preset smart paths. Each smart path will gradually increase the temperature of your chamber by 20 degrees throughout your session to maximize the potency of your session. 

4. Portability

Portability plays an enormous role in determining the effectiveness of a vaporizer’s ability to function on the go. The IQC boasts the same level of portability as its forefathers. For those who don’t know, that means is perfect for taking out and about with you.

It fits into any pocket with ease, ready to be used at any time. The rapid 30-second heat-up time will have you vaping in no time. 

5. Dual Compatibility

Where the IQC comes into a lane of its own is with its dual compatibility with both dry herbs and concentrates. Similar to other models we’ve seen on the market in recent years, it includes concentrate pods that fit into the chamber for the extract connoisseurs out there, too. 

Is The DaVinci IQC Worth It? 

The DaVinci IQC retails for a modest price in comparison to other models of this quality on the market. It’s also slightly cheaper than the original IQ and the IQ2, increasing its attractiveness to many. 

The IQC vaporizer has an upgraded all-glass vapor path that contributes to some beautifully smooth hits for a device of this kind. Its versatility allows it to rival even the most luxurious models at much higher price points. Overall, well worth the bang for your buck. 

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What’s Included:

  • 1 x DaVinci IQC
  • 1 x 18650 Battery
  • 2 x Stickers
  • 1 x Users Manual
  • 1 x 10mm Water Adapter
  • 1 x 10mm Water Adapter Ce
  • 1 x Extra Pick Tool
  • 3 x Alcohol Wipes
  • 1 x Brush Tool
  • 1 x 3ft Braided Nylon USB To Type-C Cable

Technical Specifications:


Dry Herbs and Concentrates

Chamber Capacity

0.5 grams

Temperature Range

350 - 430 Fahrenheit

Battery Length

60 minutes

Heating System



5 years

Most Important Questions About The DaVinci IQC

Q1: What Can You Use With The DaVinci IQ-C Vaporizer? 

The DaVinci IQC is a portable vaporizer designed standardly for use with dry herbs. If you’re someone who tends to stick to vaping concentrates, don’t worry, DaVinci have you covered. The IQC is also compatible with concentrates using the concentrate pods which can be bought as accessories. 

Q2: Can You Change The Temperature On The DaVinci IQC Vaporizer?

The temperature of the DaVinci is entirely controllable by the user. There are two choices: precision mode or smart path mode. 

The precision mode will grant users the ability to use the +/- buttons to increase and decrease the temperature in 1-degree increments. 

Smart path mode will increase the temperature of the device gradually by 20-degrees over the course of the session.

Q3: Does The DaVinci IQ-C Vaporizer Have A Warranty? 

Incredibly, the DaVinci IQC has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. The device is incredibly well built and expertly durable, however, the warranty should provide peace of mind to any user.

DaVinci IQC

DaVinci IQC