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Who Should Buy The DaVinci IQ2? 

If you consider yourself a discerning vaper, a true aficionado who demands the finer things out there, then the DaVinci vaporizer IQ2 is a must. There are few vaporizers on the market that so thoroughly earn the title 'Luxury Vape'. The original IQ was renowned far and wide for its ease of use, incredible vapor, and stunning style. With the IQ2, DaVinci has managed to take each of these aspects and improve on every single one of them!

davinci iq2

This is more than just a mere update, this is an evolution of the fundamentals of the DaVinci design philosophy. 

Why You’ll Love The DaVinci IQ 2

In a word, luxury. This is a luxury vaporizer that is precision-engineered to offer truly incredible vape experiences that allow users to get the very most out of their herb. On top of this, it is a joy to behold. 

DaVinci knows how to make a stylish vaporizer, and the simple act of using the IQ2 is a joy in and of itself. Finally, it gives you a nearly unprecedented level of control over your vape experience, allowing you to influence everything from the airflow to chamber size. You can even track how much herb you have consumed with the innovative dosage control system. 

How To Use DaVinci IQ 2?

1. How To Operate DaVinci IQ 2?

davinic iq2 temperature control

The IQ2 is a dream to load. The chamber is shockingly easy to load, simply swing the oven lid away to expose the chamber. The chamber's opening has a funnel shape that is very forgiving to load. You can tailor your chamber size with the pearl, simply twist it to adjust its position. Close the chamber and then activate it by pressing the round control button three times. 

The dot LED display will flash into life and the device will begin to heat in smart path mode. To cycle through the four default smart path settings, simply tap the up and down control buttons. If you want to be a bit more precise, press the control button once and use the up and down arrows to adjust the temperature degree by degree. 

2. How To Get the Best Vapor Quality?

The DaVinci IQ2 works best with a medium to finely ground herb. You have to ensure that there is enough space between the particles to allow the air to easily permeate the entire chamber. This is done by ensuring that you don't over-pack the chamber. 

3. How To Clean It?

The DaVinci IQ2 is an incredibly easy vaporizer to clean and maintain. The chamber is easy to access with a soft brush when it is fully opened up, and can easily be wiped down with some isopropyl alcohol and a q tip.

Any stubborn patches of grime can be broken up with a little bit of gentle elbow grease. Special attention should be paid to the zirconia pearl, after all, it is still part of the heating chamber and comes into contact with the botanical load. 

Top 5 DaVinci IQ 2 Features 

1. Adjustable Oven Size

One problem that has dogged vaporizer design for years is how tricky it can be to get effective vapor out of an under-packed chamber. This leaves vape fans with too many options; pack a bigger load than they'd like or put up with lackluster hits. 

The IQ2 has an innovative solution for this problem. It allows users to manually adjust the size of their chamber with a unique zirconia pearl. This can be used to ensure that no matter how much herb you place into the chamber, the pack will be dense and produce outstanding vapor.

2. Adjustable Airflow

Airflow in a vaporizer influences how restricted your draw strength is. This can influence the power of your hits, a higher draw resistance is usually associated with a denser vapor. 

The DaVinci IQ2 allows users to enjoy total control over this aspect of their vaporizer. A simple air dial allows users to increase or decrease the airflow into their vape. This allows you to enjoy your vape experience in a way that suits you. The dial has a pleasing, mechanical feeling to it, making finding your ideal setting intuitive and simple. 

3. Dosing Control

This is a truly innovative feature. As micro-dosing and medicinal use become more and more the norm, a demand for a more precise vaporizer has arisen. The DaVinci IQ 2 was built to ensure that users have more control over their dosage than ever before. 

When you pack the vape and activate it, tap the power button twice to enter dosage calculation. Enter the amount of THC and CBD listed for your botanical strain and how much is in the oven. The IQ2 will take it from there, displaying how much has been consumed with each hit on its dot matrix LED screen. 

4. Dual-Use Functionality

The original IQ was pretty much a dedicated dry herb vaporizer, however, with this iteration, DaVinci has decided to branch out into the realm of dual-use vaporizers. It comes packaged with a ceramic dosage pod that is compatible with both dry herbs and botanicals. 

To use concentrates all you need to do is load up one of the ceramic extract discs, or organic cotton pads, and place them into the pod. Unlike dedicated concentrate vaporizers, the IQ2 doesn't offer short, sharp hits. Rather, it gradually vaporizes the concentrates for a lighter, gentler session. 

5. Incredible Construction

DaVinci is renowned for its incredible eye for design. The original IQ is a truly beautiful piece of technology that is jam-packed with innovative features and luxurious design. Some of these features, like the LED matrix display, are both functional and incredibly stylish. Others are engineered to increase the efficacy of the IQ2 as a vaporizer. Its anodized brushed aluminum shell ensures that it can stand up to daily use, while the ceramic zirconia mouthpiece ensures that every hit is packed with untainted flavor. 

Is the DaVinci IQ 2 worth It? 

The DaVinci IQ2 is far from a budget vape, but when you buy one, you can be sure that your money is well spent. This isn't some gaudy status symbol, this is an incredibly well-designed piece of technology that is sure to be a delight to anyone who gets their hands on it. If you invest your money in an IQ2 vape, then you can be sure that you will more than get your money's worth for a vaporizer that is sure to dominate the industry for years to come.

Compare with similar products

The DaVinci IQ is a high-quality portable vape that has taken many of the most successful ideas in the vape industry and improved upon them. Most of these ideas were codified by the Pax 3, a portable and stylish vaporizer that is widely considered to be ideal for connoisseurs. 

The Pax 3 and the IQ2 vaporizer differ in that one is a convection vaporizer that uses hot air to gradually bake the vapor out of the herb, and the other is a conduction vaporizer that directly heats the herb. However, the IQ2, thanks to its adjustable chamber size, allows for a more flexible vape experience. 

Both feature hi-tech innovations, but the IQ2 of being more recently designed has the technological edge. Style points tend to come down to personal preference, but the IQ2's striking dot matrix LED display has a level of visual flair that the Pax 3 simply cannot match. 

What’s included:

  • IQ2 Vaporizer w/Battery
  • 10mm Mouthpiece
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Extra Pick Tool
  • Dosage Pod
  • Ceramic Extract Disc
  • 9 Pieces Organic Cotton
  • 9 Alcohol Wipes

Technical Specifications:


Dry Herb and Concentrates. 

Chamber capacity


Temperature range

32° F - 430° F

Charging time

6 Hours

Battery length

One Hour of Continuous use


1.75" x 3.61" x 0.97" 

Heating system



10 Years

5 Most Important Questions About The DaVinci IQ 2

Where Can I Download the DaVinci IQ 2 App

Unfortunately, at the moment the IQ 2 app is only available on the android app store. Apple unilaterally removed all vaporizer compatible apps recently. While the situation is developing all the time, in the near future, only Android users will be able to avail themselves of this function. 

What Sort of Concentrates Can Be Used in the DaVinci IQ 2?

The IQ 2 has two types of concentrate insert included with it on purchase. A ceramic disc, and an organic cotton pad. The disc works best with wax-style concentrates, while the pad is great for more viscous, oil-type concentrates. 

What Do I Need To Know For My IQ 2's First Session?

Before you load up your brand new IQ 2, the first thing you should do is put it through a heating cycle or two. This will ensure that any residue from the manufacturing process is purged away from the heating chamber and airpath. 

Can I Get A Replacement Battery for My IQ 2?

The Davinci IQ 2 has a removable18650 battery. This means that you can carry spares around to extend your vaping range. Spare batteries are available as aftermarket accessories. 

How Do I Pair My DaVinci IQ 2 With My Smartphone?

To activate Bluetooth pairing, hold down the up and down buttons at the same time. Then, go to your phone and search for available devices. To turn Bluetooth connectivity on and off, simply tap the up and down buttons five times within two seconds. 

DaVinci IQ2

DaVinci IQ2