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Who Should Buy The DaVinci Miqro?

The DaVinci Miqro is the perfect portable vaporizer for anyone who loves vaping dry herb on the go. Its design is compact yet powerful and looks discreet and stylish enough to use while you’re out and about.

davinci miqro

The DaVinci Miqro is extremely user-friendly making it a great choice for both beginners and veterans alike. Its chamber is on the smaller side for a dry herb vape, making it a great choice for micro-doses. 

It delivers deliciously smooth vapor that’ll keep you coming back for more. You may have been led to believe that this is where portable vapes fall short. Well, the DaVinci Miqro dispels these myths. 

Why You’ll Love The DaVinci Miqro?

If portability is your main objective, you’ll love the DaVinci Miqro. There are few which manage to rival this aspect of this pocket-sized beauty.

For those who enjoy quick, secret sessions while you’re out and about it’s brilliant. It’ll fit into any pocket, and the speedy heat-up time will have it ready to use in no time. 

How To Use DaVinci Miqro?

So let’s take a look at how to use the DaVinci Miqro vaporizer. Note that the unit does come with a full instruction manual and user guide, but these are our start-up tips. 

1. How To Operate The DaVinci Miqro?

What you’ll need to do first is ensure it’s fully charged. From there on it’s simple. To insert your dry herb into the chamber, open the bottom of the device and fill the oven. The oven fits around 0.2 grams of dry herb, however, if you’re micro-dosing you can make it smaller with the twistable button.

Once this is done, you can press the power button 5 times to turn the device on. Cycle through the temperature options, and within 40 seconds you’ll be ready to vape. 

2. How To Get the Best Vapor Quality?

Optimizing the DaVinci Miqro for the best vapor quality is important. It has a range of possible temperature presets between 149°C - 221°C. You can choose between these presets, smart path mode, boost mode, and passive mode.

Each of these modes provides a unique experience to make your vape experience customizable. 

3. How To Clean It?

If you’re familiar with cleaning vaporizers, you’ll find cleaning the DaVinci Miqro a breeze. You’ll need a bowl of isopropyl alcohol so that you can soak the mouthpiece and flavor chamber. The only other thing to do other than rinse and dry these components is clean the chamber. You can do this by soaking a cleaning swab in some isopropyl and wiping any debris away. 

Top 5 DaVinci Miqro Features 

1. Design

The DaVinci Miqro is one of the most compact dry herb vaporizers you’re likely to come across. Standing at just 7.9 centimeters tall, its small size delivers discretion like no other. It’s available in a range of different colors including Onyx, Graphite, Cobalt, Rust, and Amethyst.

The shell of the unit is crafted using anodized aluminum which helps fight against wear and tear. The vapor path and chamber are both ceramic, creating flavorful and smooth vapor. 

2. Temperature Control

The temperature will have a direct influence on the vapor the DaVinci produces. The range is between 149°C - 221°C. The lower temperatures focus on flavor, while the higher ones optimize for dense clouds. Note that on the DaVinci Miqro, you’ll need to vape at higher temperatures for any clouds due to the size of the battery. 

3. Smart Path Mode

There are 4 different smart paths, all of which lay between the temperature range of the DaVinci Miqro. The smart path you choose will begin at its lowest temperature for that path and slowly increase to the highest. You can enjoy a 5-minute session of gradual temperature increase, leaving the highest temperature until last to help you clear your chamber fully. 

Below are the different smart path temperature ranges:

  • Smart Path 1: 177°C - 188°C
  • Smart Path 2: 188°C - 199°C
  • Smart Path 3: 199°C - 210°C
  • Smart Path 4: 210°C - 221°C

4. Boost Mode

Boost mode has been created to allow users to experience their Miqro’s highest temperature setting with ease. Once activated, it will engage the entire heating element within the Miqro to rise to the highest temperature to provide some more powerful hits. 

5. Rapid Heat-Up

We’ve already discussed the features of the DaVinci Miqro that make it the ultimate portable vaporizer. Speedy heat-up times are one of those. From the moment you turn the device on, you’ll only be kept waiting 30-45 seconds until your session can begin. 

Is The DaVinci Miqro Worth It? 

If you’re searching for an extremely portable device to support your sessions on the go, it’s great value for money. It’s optimized for slightly smaller sessions, so if your tolerance is high, it may be better to find something larger and more powerful. 

This is what makes it perfect for micro-dosing, however. There are few devices on the market today which compete with the Miqro’s portability and stealth. 

Compare With Similar Products

Mighty Vaporizer 

The Mighty Vaporizer is the most powerful portable dry herb vaporizer. Storz and Bickel are renowned for creating the most functional and effective devices, and the Mighty fits that bill.

Like the DaVinci Miqro, it’s a dry herb vaporizer, but that’s where the comparisons end. While the DaVinci is pocket-sized, the Mighty is larger but still portable. Its battery and chamber are larger, so it’s suited more to those more experienced consumers out there wanting larger sessions.

It’s much more expensive than the Miqro, but its function is flawless and its craft will never fail you.


If you’re looking for something with the discretion of the DaVinci Miqro, but want better battery life and larger clouds, consider the PAX 2. Where the battery life of the Miqro is considered to be around 30 minutes of use, the PAX 2 boasts 90 minutes of use per charge. 

It’s slightly more expensive than the Miqro, but if it’s within your budget it’s sure to satisfy all your portable vaping needs! 

What’s Included:


Standard Kit :

1 x DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer  1 x DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer
1 x Micro USB Charger  1 x Micro USB Charger
1 x Cleaning Kit  1 x Cleaning Kit
1 x Extended Mouthpiece  1 x Extended Mouthpiece
1 x Extra Battery
1 x Dried Product and Battery Holder
1 x Grinder Card
1 x Carrying Case
1 x MIQRO Glove

Technical Specifications:


Dry Herb

Chamber capacity

0.25 Grams

Temperature range

149°C - 221°C

Charging time

45 Minutes

Battery length

30 Minutes


3.4cm x 7.9cm x 2.3cm

Heating system



5 Years

5 Most Important Questions About The DaVinci Miqro

Q1: What Can You Use With The DaVinci Miqro? 

The DaVinci Miqro is a portable vaporizer designed specifically for use with dry herbs. The chamber capacity is 0.2 grams, however is adjustable so can be made smaller for micro-dosing and tighter packing. 

Q2: Is The DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer Portable?

The DaVinci Miqro is one of the most portable vaporizers on the market. It’s 7.9 centimeters tall allowing it to fit effortlessly into any pocket or small bag. For those who love vaping dry herb on the go, it’s an excellent choice. 

Q3: Can You Adjust The Temperature On The DaVinci Miqro? 

The Miqro boasts extraordinary flexibility in temperature. Between 149°C - 221°C users can experience the full range of temperatures and a variety of different modes. These add diversity to your experience, giving you full control at all times. 

Q4: How Long Does The DaVinci Miqro Battery Last? 

The battery life on the DaVinci Miqro is relative to its size. It’s a small unit therefore the battery life is lower than other models on the market. From a full charge, you can expect approximately 30 minutes of full usage before needing to recharge the device. 

Q5: Does The DaVinci Miqro Have A Warranty? 

Yes, the Miqro has a 5-year manufacturer warranty. No need to stress about any manufacturing issues, DaVinci is well known for its great customer service and responsiveness.