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Diamond Glass 13
Diamond Glass 13
Diamond Glass 13
Diamond Glass 13
Diamond Glass 13
Diamond Glass 13
Diamond Glass 13
Diamond Glass 13
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    13" Classic Beaker Bong

    One of our most popular beaker bongs, this 13 inch diamond glass piece is a fantastic example of bongs today. Built with longevity in mind, the beaker base design, the thick glass & the overall shape and strength of the piece contribute to its durability. Boasting a flared mouthpiece and a removable downstem, this bong has a range of features that even the most seasoned bong veteran would appreciate. While simplistic in its design, it features ice notches for cool, smooth hits while the piece also comes with 14mm glass bowl, ready to load! You won’t regret investing in a bong like this, and it's sure to last you a long time!


    This bong uses 5mm thick glass. Thicker than the average bong, this bongs stability and durability are greatly increased by the kind of glass used in this bongs construction.


    This bong includes a 14 mm glass bowl, ready to be loaded up with your favorite dry herbs.


    Easily cleaned and fun to use, removable downstems are much the preferred style of bong used today.


    Enjoy ice cold rips with the ice catcher included in the neck of this diamond glass bong. Simply load up the neck with ice cubes, light up and enjoy! The smoke must travel through the ice to get to the mouthpiece, getting cooled nicely along the way.


    The flared mouthpiece with this bong is available in either black or white. Flared mouthpieces are used to ensure an airtight seal by having an elevated lip around the mouthpiece. A nice addition.


    The most frequently seen design of bongs today, beakers are known for their strength and longevity. Their design makes it more difficult to knock them over ensuring breakages and spillages are kept to a minimum.


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