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Diamond Glass 13
Diamond Glass 13
Diamond Glass 13
Diamond Glass 13
Diamond Glass 13
Diamond Glass 13
Diamond Glass 13
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    13" Classic Straight Tube

    With a beautiful decal which looks premium at a cheap price, this Diamond Glass bong is one of our most popular pieces on With a built in ice catcher and removable downstem, this is every bong users delight. Boasting a 5mm thickness, the glass used in the build of this bong is only of the highest quality. A great example of how you don’t need to spend big for a quality piece, this 13” straight bong is one for everyone’s collection regardless of experience.

    Ice Catcher for Cool Hits

    Ice Bongs are becoming more and more popular as the years pass by. It has nearly become expected to have ice notches on your piece. By using ice in your water pipe, your smoke needs to travel through said ice to reach the mouthpiece. This helps to create only the coolest hits possible. Once you try it you will never look back!

    Flared Mouthpiece

    The Flared mouthpiece on this piece is an extremely helpful addition to have. As it is elevated from the neck or tube of the bong, it prevents any smoke escaping by ensuring the piece remains airtight at all times during use.

    Straight Bong

    This bong utilizes the straight tube design which is becoming more and more commonplace today. Easy to clean and attractive to look at, this straightforward style of bong is perfect for the regular user and the beginner alike!

    Removable Downstem

    The removable downstem which comes with this bong is the perfect example of handiness. Easy to clean, easy to use and perfect for every session, having a bong which a removable downstem makes life so much easier.


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