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The Galaxy Dichroic Spoon



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The Galaxy Dichroic Spoon

An iridescent, multi-colored pipe with a beautiful, alluring blue tint is the exact kind of pipe anyone would like to have in their arsenal. LAPipes combines cobalt and borosilicate glass to make one of the nicest hand pipes around. 

You can brighten up your collection with the Galaxy spoon by LAPipes, thanks to its unique tint and look when you bring it out and let the light illuminate it. With a marble design and a sturdy, weighted feel, this pipe feels great in your hand. 

In fact, it is pretty enough to motivate you to want to keep it smooth and clean. We know how it can be with pipes like this. Sometimes it is just a tool to use, a moment to enjoy your botanicals and it does not extend to much else. 

But with the LA Pipes Dichroic Spoon, you may become more inspired to keep it intact, clean, pleasant, and photo ready - cuz it really is that nice looking! 

LA Pipes has a few other dichroic spoon style pipes in their arsenal to choose from as well.

Top 5 Galaxy Dichroic Spoon Features 

Hand Crafted Design 

Say what you will about hand pipes, but when they have an original, innovative design, they can be great conversation starters. This one in particular is dazzling enough to warrant a second look. 

Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate glass is everywhere in the herbal/vaping world for good reason. It is tough, durable, and meant for the long haul. A minor bump will never be the end of the world, and even a drop won’t either. 

Multiple Colors

This pipe is a beautiful iridescent blue, but we have seen other Galaxy Dichoric pipes in red, white, blue, and green. 

Hand Blown Glass

A technique that has been around for many, many years is guaranteed to produce great results - and LA Pipes gives you hand blown, beautiful glass straight from California. 

Easy to Clean and Portable

You will want to clean your pipe regularly so as to not lose the simmery lushness of the colors and iridescence. Not only is this important for your product’s hygiene, it just makes things prettier in the long run. And with a pipe this small, it can go with you anywhere. 

How To Use the Galaxy Dichroic Spoon

Check out some of the specs of the Galaxy Dichroic Spoon by LA Pipes. 

1. How To Operate the Galaxy Dichroic Spoon

To use your Galaxy Spoon hand pipe, just follow these simple steps.

First make sure you have dried botanicals that have been grinded to a consistency that goes well in the bowl of your pipe. Pack it evenly, and tightly, but not too tight lest you block airflow.

The importance is rightfully placed on your grind texture and consistency. You do not want a chunky consistency that can cause herbs to fall out of the bowl and make a mess. But too light can mean that when you use your pipe, debris may fly into your mouth, which is gross.

Once you have packed the bowl with your herbs, take your pipe holding the bowl area between your thumb and pointer fingers, and cover the carb hole with one finger as you bring the mouthpiece to your lips.

From here, light the herbs in the bowl and inhale steadily as they glow red. Repeat to your liking. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From Coronavirus Hand Pipe

Cleanliness is going to be very, very important! And if you slack on it, you will know. Flavor will become terrible, odor from the vapor will linger, and the appearance of a once very nice looking pipe will be permanently dirty and dingy looking.

A clean pipe will have no problem.

Also, you will want to make sure that your dried herb consistency is, well, consistent, 

giving you a uniform bowl to give you clean, efficient smoke. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain Coronavirus Hand Pipe

Cleaning duties should happen as frequently as possible. The best way to clean your LAPipes is to rinse its inner parts thoroughly with hot water, then an additional rinse with 99% alcohol, making sure to vigorously rinse it with both by shaking it fairly aggressively. Repeat as needed.

To clean your Galaxy Spoon hand pipe of grime and debris (since liquid alone will loosen but not remove), take a small pipe cleaner (you can buy these at a craft store), and insert into the pipe to remove any excess grime and debris. 

Technical Specifications

Here are some specific tech specs of your Galaxy Dichroic Spoon hand pipe. 


4.25 inches


Borosilicate Glass


Made in the USA

Other Elements Used






What’s included:

  • 1 The Galaxy Dichroic Spoon
The Galaxy Dichroic Spoon

The Galaxy Dichroic Spoon