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Double Stereo Matrix J-Hook Perc Dab Rig

VENDOR: High Life


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One of the most unique Dab Rigs we stock, this piece is an absolute beauty. With dual chamber technology and a number of cool percolators included, this Dab Rig is one of our best sellers for good reason. The overall of this Dab Rig is perfect in our opinions, from the Bent neck to the placing of the percolators, everything is made with the user’s experience in mind. The aesthetics of the piece are also quite desirable, with the mouthpiece and the base both featuring a discrete coloring. For the function of this bong, it features a 14mm male joint, the nail etc. is included and it comes ready for dabbing. The dabbing storm continues to grow in popularity, grab yourself a Dab Rig which is sure to stand out among the finest, for a fraction of the price!


The bent neck design incorporated in this Dab Rig prevents any splash back or water from entering the mouthpiece, regardless of how hard you inhale. While also contributing to a more unique style of water pipe design. An additional benefit of a bent neck Dab Rig is the mouthpiece being further away from the source of heat, making it more difficult to be burnt or hurt while dabbing.


If you are going to purchase a piece as intricate and attractive as this one, you would want to be sure it’s got clear glass! Watching your vapor percolates is simple using this Dab Rig as it features clean clear glass making everything visible as it happens. The bubbles percolate through the two chambers in this Dab Rig and watching it happen is genuinely a pleasure to behold. The colored accent on the mouthpiece and base of this bong give it just the right amount of uniqueness to prevent from being a plain piece of glass. Overall, the design of this piece is a wonderful example of how far the glass industry has come in recent years.


Far more comfortable than your average mouthpiece, a flared mouthpiece is designed specifically for both the users comfort and to create an airtight seal. Preventing any valuable vapor from escaping accidentally.


This Dab Rig uses a combination of a J Hook perc and a matrix percolator. As it is a dual chamber piece, this dab rig benefits from a number of filtration methods before the vapor reaches the mouthpiece. This ensures the vapor you are inhaling has cooled thoroughly to create only the smoothest hits possible.


This piece uses thick glass in its construction to ensure its longevity and to create a stronger Dab Rig overall. You won’t be disappointed with standard of glass used in the build of this piece, especially at such a reasonable price point!

Double Stereo Matrix J-Hook Perc Dab Rig

Double Stereo Matrix J-Hook Perc Dab Rig

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