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Downtube/Diffuser 14.5
Downtube/Diffuser 14.5

Downtube/Diffuser 14.5

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  • Product Description

    In contrast to ordinary down-tubes, the end of a G-Spot - Downtube/Diffuser's tube is sealed but pierced with many small holes. This allows for distribution of the smoke as it exits the end of the tube in many small bubbles.

    The G-Spot - Downtube/Diffuser option is suited to anyone who appreciates a much smoother smoke than conventional down-tubes produce.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand G-Spot
    diffuser Holes
    downstem length 91mm, 111mm, 131mm, 141mm, 161mm
    joint Female, Male
    joint size 14.5mm
    length 91mm, 111mm, 131mm, 141mm, 161mm
    material Glass