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DTI1000 Bi-Turbo Goldeneye Fire and Water 6 Jets
DTI1000 Bi-Turbo Goldeneye Fire and Water 6 Jets
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DTI1000 Bi-Turbo Goldeneye Fire and Water 6 Jets

Hurricane NAMNBG11792
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In a Nutshell
  • 100% Borosilicate Glass
  • Free Herb grinder
  • Female Joint

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  • Product Description

    DTI1000 Bi-Turbo Goldeneye Fire And Water 6 Jets

    This striking bong isn’t just a pretty face, it’s tough too; it’s made from 100% high quality borosilicate glass and features anti breaking technology. It’s filtration system is second to none, giving you a pure, well circulated hit.

    Free Product

    Order this item today and receive a FREE herb grinder.

    The Dirtier It Gets, The Prettier It Looks

    The Goldeneye Hurricane Bong miraculously  become more colourful the dirtier it gets! This is all down to some very clever technology. The special properties of the silver nitrate that gives the bong its colour means that it becomes more reflective the more grime builds up inside the bong. No one likes a dirty bong… Usually!

    Genius Filtration

    The real selling point of any Hurricane Bong is it’s innovative filtration system. Tiny openings are stipled laterally all across the body of the bong, this helps draw in outside air. Drawing air into the bong this way strongly swirls the smoke around the chamber helping to filter it.

    You’ll notice it working when you see the amount of tar and grime build up inside the body of the bong ( making it more reflective thanks to its clever pigment!) and behind the jet-outlets inside the pipe.

    You can be sure that the hits you take from this bong are purified of tar and other carcinogens, making it far healthier to enjoy!


    This particular piece is the largest of the Goldeneye range. Like all of Hurricane's range, this model is made of 100% borosilicate glass and is crafted totally tension free. It has an anti-break system that ensures that the short angles of the body stabilise each other. The lack of protruding parts further ensures that the minimum amount of damage is done if disaster strikes and the bong is dropped.!

    Hurricane Glass

    All Hurricane Glass bongs feature a double filtration system that sets them apart from the competition. The fine air jets puncture into their Duran glass bodies transform the column of smoke that is your hit into a cyclone; hence the company name! Heavy toxins in the smoke are separated out during this process, ensuring you a healthy hit!

    All Hurricane models are shipped as complete sets, including a splash-guard, 2 connection rods and the Vesuvio bowl, which is an all-round variety.

    Free Grinder

    This piece comes with a free grinder, so you can be sure that your herb is the perfect consistency before you spark up!f

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Hurricane
    height 431mm
    joint Female
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Straight