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Dynavap DynaTec Induction Heater - Orion v2

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Who Should Buy Dynatec Induction Heater Orion V2?

DynaVap Vaporizers are an incredible way to enjoy dry herbs. However, they do require external heating and for the most part, this is done with a butane torch. Some people find this type of heating system dangerous, inconvenient, or even just a chore to keep filled with fuel. 

For them, there's the Orion V2 Induction heater. This device allows you to heat your VapCaps to vaping temperature quickly and without any flames. This is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy their DynaVap without any combustion. 

Why You’ll Love Dynatec Induction Heater Orion V2?

The Dynatec Orion V2 Induction Heater is a fantastic way to enjoy your DynaVap vaporizer without having to worry about open flames or refilling a butane torch. It uses electronic induction heating to rapidly heat your VapCap to vaping temperature. It begins heating when your VapCap is inserted into its aperture and when it is removed. On a single charge, you can expect up to 25 heating cycles!

How To Use Dynatec Induction Heater Orion V2?

1. How To Operate Dynatec Induction Heater Orion V2

Ensure your Orion V2 is fully charged. Before you switch it on, place an empty Vap Cap into its aperture, when it activates it will self-calibrate. 

From then on, whenever you need to heat your vap cap, simply place it into the aperture and press down on the power button. After a few seconds, it will reach vaping temperature and emit a mechanical click. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

For bigger clouds, keep your VapCap in the aperture for a few moments longer while still applying heat. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

Ensure that your Orion V2 is fully charged at all times. Other than that all you need to do is occasionally wipe it down with a dry cloth. 

Top 5 Dynatec Induction Heater Orion V2 Features 

Upgraded Battery Circuit 

The Orion V2 is an improvement on the original Orion V2, featuring an improved battery circuit that increases its reliability and the protection to its internals while it’s in use. This upgrade also means that the Orion V2 doesn't have pass-through charging, which further protects the battery and increases its life.

Upgraded Outer Case

The outer body of the Orion V2 has been upgraded to make it more resilient. It is now resistant to chipping and cracking. On top of this, there is also a larger degree of thermal protection so it won't get as hot during use. Finally, the power button has been redesigned to be more resilient too, allowing it to stand up to more use. 

Induction Heating

The induction heating system of the Orion V2 allows you to heat your VapCap vaporizers to vaping temperatures rapidly. It works with both stainless steel and titanium VapCaps and brings them to sufficient temperature in a few moments. 

Automatic VapCap Detection

The Orion V2 is perfectly designed for VapCaps capable of sensing when they are present in its aperture. This allows it to apply the optimal amount of thermal energy right where it is needed. 

USB-C Charging 

Butane torches require frequent refilling with a finite supply of fuel. The Orion V2 can be recharged from any power source with its USB-C charger. 

Is the Dynatec Induction Heater Orion V2 worth It? 

The Orion V2 is a fantastic purchase that will last you a lifetime, and unlike a butane torch, doesn't require constant refueling to keep going. Instead, you can rely on its battery to deliver click after click with 0 mess or fuss. If you don't like using an open flame, or you want something sustainable that will save you money in the long run, look no further. 

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What’s included:

Orion V2 Induction Heater

Technical Specifications:

Charging time

90 Minutes

Battery length

25 Clicks


2.25" x 4 3/8" x 1.25"

Heating system



12 Months

5 Most Important Questions About Dynatec Induction Heater Orion V2

Can The Orion V2 Be Used With Any Vape?

The Orion V2 is designed specifically for use with DynaVap VapCap vaporizers.

Is the Orion V2 Heating Automatic?

Yes, the Orion V2 Begins heating when a vaporizer is placed into its opening. However, it can also be controlled with the face button. 

How Do I Know If My Orion V2 Is Working?

The LED will glow an intense green when your Orion V2's heating system is engaged. 

Is The Orion V2's Heating Aggressive?

No, unlike the V1 the Orion V2's heating is gradual and forgiving. 

Is the Orion V2 Consistent?

The electronic heating system of the Orion V2 reaches the same temperature in every use. This means that you can expect it to yield the same results time after time.

Dynavap DynaTec Induction Heater - Orion v2

Dynavap DynaTec Induction Heater - Orion v2