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Dynavap BB3

VENDOR: Dynavap

DV:630.0 DP:5670.0 FD:630.0
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Grey - Multicolor Special Edition

Who Should Buy DynaVap BB3 Vaporizer?

Dynavap has worked hard to eliminate the hassle that comes from using a battery-operated vaporizer, releasing a collection of VapCaps, which do not contain any electronics.

If you are someone who prefers a more traditional experience of vaping that doesn't rely on electronics and has to wait for a battery to recharge, then the Dynavap BB3 is the vape for you.

Crafted to be small and lightweight than previous BB models, the BB3 vape is great for people always on the go and wanting to stay under the radar. 

Why You’ll Love Dynavap BB3?

The Dynavap BB3 is a battery-free unit that relies on manual heating to vaporize material within the loading bowl. The divots all along the Dynavap BB3 stem and 3 blue beads inside work to diffuse and cool down vapor once it is created, which results in smooth dense hits that are flavorful and potent.

The BB3 vape requires no charging, so you will never have to worry about a battery dying on you while on the go and not having a USB port around. There is nothing fancy or over the top on this vape, it's just a simple unit that delivers high-quality vapor. 

How To Use Dynavap BB3?

The Dynavap BB3 operates a lot differently than your average electronic vaporizer, so it is important that you have a good understanding of how it works and how to properly use it.

The BB3 can be tricky to get used to at first but after a few tries, it will feel easier to use than any battery-operated vape. 

1. How To Operate Dynavap BB3

Upon receiving the Dynavap BB3 vape, it is best to perform a burn-off to not only remove residue left behind from manufacturing but to get yourself familiar with how it operates as this is not your average vaporizer. 

You can do so by taking any lighter, torch, or conduction heater, going to a quiet place, then heating up the middle of the cap, rotating the vape in your hand as you do so.

Once you hear the BB3 click, you can remove heat and allow it to cool down before loading. This Dynavap BB3 vape can be severely damaged from overheating, so it is important that you are listening for the click and not heating the cap any longer than 3 seconds after you hear it.

If you do not hear a click after about 7 seconds of heating the cap, allow it to cool then try again. 

Once the BB3 has cooled down, you can remove the cap and fill the BB3 chamber with your material of choice. This can be done easily by pushing the VapCap into a container of the material and twisting.

For the Dynavap BB3, grinding your herbs too finely can cause shredded pieces to get stuck in the diffuser disc and affect the performance of the vape. Once loaded, place the cap back on the Dynavap BB3. Heat up the metal cap of the BB3 as you rotate it in your hands.

Try to only apply heat to the side of the cap and not at the end. Continue to heat and rotate until you hear or feel the Dynavap BB3 click, this means that it is ready.

You can take quite a few hits from the mouthpiece before the BB3 cools down. You’ll know the BB3 has cooled down when the vapor becomes less dense and you hear another click.

If you’re ready for another round, you can remove the mouthpiece from the cooled-down unit, throw away the consumed material and reload the tip. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

As long as you are using the BB3 correctly, it’s not too hard to achieve great-tasting clouds, but there are always a few things you can do to ensure the quality of your vapor.

Firstly, make sure that you never overheat the device as it could get damaged and affect performance, leading to lower quality vapor. This includes making sure that you hold the cap above the flame as if you are roasting a marshmallow, never submerging the cap fully into the flame.

Keep your BB3 clean and don't allow consumed material to build up in the cap. 

The best way to improve vapor quality with the Dynavap BB3 is to take advantage of the vape’s compatibility with any female 10” connection and set it up with a water pipe or bubbler for incredibly dense, milky, and tasty clouds. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

The Dynavap BB3 is one of the easiest vapes on the market to maintain and keep clean since there are electronic components to worry about. Clean consumed material out of the cap after every use and allow the whole body to soak in warm soapy water every so often.

Make sure to rinse off the BB3 when it is done soaking and allow it to dry. 

Top 5 Dynavap BB3 Features 


The Dynavap BB3 is made entirely from high-quality materials like glass and stainless steel. This Dynavap vaporizer features an innovative design that requires no electronics to heat the material in the chamber.

The product is loaded into a stainless steel cap that sits at one end of the BB3, manual heat such as a torch must be applied to this cap in order to vaporize the material.

The BB3 is designed much smaller than previous BB models which allows it to be easily concealed within the palm of your hand or any pocket while on the go.

Heat Up

The BB3 vape by Dynavap does not have any temperature settings since it has no electronic components. It instead relies on the user manually heating up the chamber to cook material.

The BB3 vape can be heated up using any normal lighter, but it is recommended that you use some type of torch lighter or conduction heating device for more efficient performance.

Dynastop sells a huge variety of torch lighters and conduction heaters that were designed for the VapCaps on their website. 

Vapor Diffusion

The midsection of the unit has multiple divots and contains 3 blue beads inside (hence the name BB3) to diffuse and cool down vapor as it travels through the Dynavap BB3 stem, resulting in smooth and flavorful vapor. 

Customized Airflow

The Dynavap BB3 includes an airport that allows users to customize their airflow. You can experiment a bit with the airport and keep it completely plugged for more restricted airflow, leave it open for increased airflow or find a happy medium by partially covering the air hole.

Water Pipe Compatibility

The BB3 vape is compatible with any 10mm female connection, meaning you can attach it to any compatible water pipe or bubbler. This feature adds a great level of versatility to the unit and results in the vapor that is more rich, potent, and tasty. 

Is the Dynavap BB3 worth It? 

The Dynavap BB3 is a revolutionary vape that evenly and efficiently vaporizes products without using any electronics. The BB3 is a beautiful unit crafted from only high-quality materials and delivers dense great tasting vapor, all at an affordable price. You will not find other vaporizers on the market quite like the ones from Dynavap.

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The Dynavap BB3 is a pretty durable vaporizer, but the all-glass design may make some people a little hesitant to purchase it. If you enjoy many of the features you see on the BB3 such as the vapor diffusion, airflow control, zero electronics, and water pipe adapter, but are not a fan of the glass body, check out the Dynavap M 2021.

The M vape features a medical-grade stainless steel body that can offer more peace of mind while the vape sits in your pocket or when using it away from home. 

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If you are someone who prefers a vaporizer with electronics and controls that heat materials for you, then check out the Boundless Tera V3. The Tera is compatible with dry herbs, will efficiently vaporize your material, features a water pipe connection just like the BB3, but is battery operated and will heat the herbs for you.

The Boundless Tera is also a better choice for portable users since you don’t need to worry about whipping out the torch while out and about, you can just press a few buttons to achieve high-quality vapor.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x DynaVap BB3 

Technical Specifications:


Dry herbs and concentrates


Glass, stainless steel tip


3 inches


19 grams

Heating system


5 Most Important Questions About Dynavap BB3 vaporizer

Q1. What is the Dynavap BB3 mouthpiece made from?

The mouthpiece of the Dynavap BB3 vape is frosted glass.

Q2. How does the Dynavap BB3 work with no battery?

The BB3 vaporize operates with no battery because it relies on manual heating to vaporize the material.

Users can manually heat up the BB3 with a torch lighter or conduction heater, and Dynavap offers a large variety on their website. Although it may take longer, it is also possible to use a normal lighter. 

Q3. What glass water pipes are compatible with the BB3 vape?

The BB3 vape is compatible with any water pipes or bubblers that have a 10mm male connection.

Q4. What are the beads inside the stem of the BB3 vaporizer for?

The three blue beads inside of the BB3 help to diffuse and cool the vapor as it travels through the stem to allow for smoother hits.

Q5. Can the Dynavap BB3 be soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean?

The material of the BB3 is durable enough to handle being submerged in alcohol and won't damage or discolor the glass, but Dynavap advises users not to do so.

Dynavap BB3

Dynavap BB3

Grey - Multicolor Special Edition