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Dynavap VonG 2021

VENDOR: Dynavap

DV:1200.0 DP:10800.0 FD:1200.0
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Who Should Buy DynaVap VonG?

The DynaVap VonG is a vape for those who want to escape the chore of charging. This battery free device contains no electronic components at all, eschews any wires, and uses nothing but clever design to ensure you get the very most out of your vape experience.

The VonG relies on external heating from a butane torch to vaporize your herb. The heat is conducted through the iconic VapCap, which is specially crafted out of high-quality conductive materials to ensure that your herb is evenly and consistently heated with 0 risks of burning or combustion. So you can enjoy the smoothness of vapor without the baggage of batteries, charging leads, and electronic control systems. 

If you find yourself away from power outlets for long periods of time, then the DynaVap Vong is the vaporizer you've always wanted.

Why You’ll Love DynaVap VonG?

DynaVap is one of the most unique vape companies on the market today. Their devices represent a massive paradigm shift in not only dry herb vaporizer design but in consumer products as a whole. 

No more are design philosophies centered around packing as many electronic and digital features into a device as possible. Now, it's all about clever design, sustainable materials, and high-quality engineering. 

The Vong is one of DynaVap's latest innovations in this department, and the culmination of years of theory and practice into this unique design philosophy. This ultra-compact, ultra-strong device provides incredible vapor quality and some truly satisfying sessions, all without cables, batteries, or electronic heating systems. 

The genius of its design is how it cleverly uses the basic principles of conduction to allow users to get the very most out of their herb. You'll be amazed when you see how unnecessary so many of the various features that bloat electronic vapes are. In the end, nothing beats good materials and clever design. 

How To Use DynaVap VonG?

1. How To Operate The DynaVap VonG

As with any device, the first thing you need to do with the Vong is load the chamber. Start this by first removing the vapcap and placing it down on a flat stable surface. This makes it easy to load the cap with your ground botanical of choice. 

Next, carefully put the tip back onto the body of the device. Using a butane torch gradually heat the tip of the VonG, turning it gently the entire time. 

When it reaches vaping temperature it will click twice. This lets you know that you can now take a hit. When it cools below vaping temperature it will click again, announcing it's time to apply the heat again.

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

To get the best vape quality out of the Vong, you should ensure that all your herb is heated evenly. You can do this by gradually turning it as you heat it, creating a more consistent temperature across the full surface area of your herb. If you want extra large clouds, make sure that you keep the heat on the cap for a few moments after it clicks to apply extra heat.

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

Anything that comes into contact with dry herb will need to be cleaned every so often, and the Vong is no different. The inside of the VapCap and the airpath will experience a build up of grime over time. 

To clean this, you will need to gently wipe it away with a q-tip and some non-alcoholic cleaning solution. It's important to avoid the more common isopropyl alcohol-based cleaners, as they can damage the more delicate components found inside the vong. 

The scorch marks on the exterior of the cap can be easily cleaned away with a mix of baking soda and vinegar. 

Top 5 DynaVap VonG Features 

Adjustable Airflow

The DynaVap Vong has an interesting take on adjustable draw resistance. It's design has a tiny aperture similar to a carb hole. This can be partially covered or uncovered to allow you to control the draw resistance of your hits. With a little practice you'll be able to adjust your hits from smooth, by leaving the airpath open, right around to a lung-busting draw by totally covering the carb hole. 

Battery-Free Design

The Vong is a 100% analog vaporizer. This means that you don't have to worry about messing about with leads, settings, or bluetooth connectivity. This, combined with its high quality construction makes this one of the most sustainable vaporizers out there. On top of this, you won't have to worry about the slowly diminishing returns of an again batter!. 


The VapCap is what makes a DynaVap Vape a DynaVap Vape. Designed with a unique vision in mind, this cap is made out of overlapping layers of special conductive materials that allow users to vaporize their botanicals without any electronic components, or the need for direct combustion. 

The outside layer of the VapCap is called the captive cap. It is made out of conductive metal that evenly conducts the heat through to the herb chamber. The inner chamber is just as clever, featuring a selectabowl that allows users to twist it to select between two different load sizes. 

The VapCap is heard by applying a butane torch to the exterior of the device, gently turning the cap for even heating. It will let you know it has hit the optimum temperature by releasing a mechanical click. Now, it's ready for you to take a hit, and will let you know when it needs to be heated again by releasing another click as it cools. 

High-Quality Construction

The DynaVa Vong is built to an exacting standard, giving it the perfect amount of heft to be comfortable to use while also ensuring that it is light enough to avoid weighing you down. The materials DynaVap chose in this vape's constitution is of the highest quality, so you can expect it to last. It even utilized titanium in its cap, and natural wood in the hand grip.

Is the DynaVap VonG worth It? 

The DynaVap VonG is similar in price to most mid to high tier electronic vaporizes. For that price, you get an incredibly high quality vaporizer that is made with some of the finest materials in the entire industry. The use of titanium and sustainable, natural wood means that the VonG has perfectly balanced form and function. 

Though the price of admission may seem steep to some, its' important to remember that the VonG doesn't use any electricity and doesn't have a battery that will degrade over time, resulting in a vaporizer with an overall longer life time for the VonG. 

What’s included:

1 x DynaVap VapCap The VonG 2021

1 x wood and plastic protective cover 

1 x instruction manual

Technical Specifications:


Dry Herb

Chamber capacity

0.1 g - .05 g



Heating system



2 Years

5 Most Important Questions About DynaVap VonG

How do I Heat The DynaVap VonG?

The easiest way to heat up your VapCap is with a butane torch. Apply the flame to the exterior of the cap and slowly turn it until you hear the mechanical click, this is how you'll know that it's ready to use. There is an aftermarket alternative from DynaVap in the form of a range of battery-powered induction heaters that are specially designed to work with VapCaps

Are There Any Compatible Accessories Available for The DynaVap VonG?

The Vong comes bundled with two fantastic accessories, water tools that ensure that it is compatible with a range of bongs, bubblers and water pipes. This means that you can enjoy incredible water filtration and cooling with your dynavap vapes

Can I Get A Case For My DynaVap VonG?

The Vong comes bundled with a storage solution, a firm plastic tube. However, if you want more reliable and smell proof protection then DynaVap offers a range of specially designed boxes that also double as handy little stash boxes. The size and resilience of the VonG means that you'll never be stuck for a storage solution. 

How Many Hits Can I Get Out of A Single VapCap?

A single cap can produce up to three good-sized hits when properly packed

Can I Use The DynaVap VonG With Concentrates?

The DynaVap Vong is primarily intended for use with dry herb vaporizer, however it can be used with some of the more solid forms of concentrate. This includes wax and some types of shatter.

Dynavap VonG 2021

Dynavap VonG 2021

Starter Kit
Device Only