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Empire Glassworks "Avocado" Mini Bong


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Avocado Bong - A Quick Intro

Ever wondered what it would be like to make a Bong out of an avocado? We guarantee someone has tried it. In fact, whoever tried it obviously was on to something brilliant because Empire Glasswork caught wind of their stroke of genius. The talented wizards and witches at the Empire Glasswork Workshop decided to create one of their most beautiful pieces of glassware to date, The Avocado Bong.

The Avocado Bong is a 6 inch high, colored, themed glass bong which features three distinguished avocados in its design; one IS the bowl, one IS the mouthpiece and the third sits snugly in the center, at the heart of the avocado bong. The bong itself is a fully functional fixed downstem perc water pipe that rips hard so don’t think it just looks pretty. 

So where did Empire Glasswork get the inspiration to create this piece? Well, that’s easy. We have all seen the film Half Baked (if you haven't, stop what you’re doing and go watch it right now... and then come back to buy this bong). In the film, they describe the different types of smokers with the Macgyver smoker being able to fashion a bong out of anything. When his colleague is out of papes, he calls for an avocado, an ice pick and his snorkel. This is surely what was in the mind of the mastermind behind the avocado bong.

Top Avocado Bong Features 

1. Looks just like an avocado

This piece has been expertly crafted by the top avocado artists of America. There is something eerily human about the posture of this Avocado Bong. It looks like a really laid-back avocado-being-bong… It almost seems as if, in the year 2502, when avocados have had their uprising and overthrown the human race, this is the form they shall take. All humans will be forced into hard labor supporting the cause of the New Era of Avocados. There might be a movie idea here?

2. Premium artistic glassware

Empire Glasswork is world-renowned for its excellent craftsmanship and skilled glasswork. This artistic prowess is fully represented in the Avocado Bong with its fantastic colors, textures and design. This piece is as beautiful as it is functional and would make a great decorative ornament on your mantelpiece. All the avocados have an amazing and realistic texture which is a testament to the level of detail found all over this piece. There are avocados everywhere!

3. Creates clean, flavorful vapor clouds

It doesn’t just look pretty, it works brilliantly too. Thanks to the fixed downstem and thick glass, you get clean, tasty rips every time. Removable downstems always run the risk of breakage which leaves you high and dry (or should we say NOT high and dry). The percolator performs excellently when it comes to water filtration. The slits at the end of the percolator are what form the bubbles which help to cool and filter the smoke.

How To Use Avocado Bong

1. How To Operate the Avocado Bong?

Operating the Empire Glasswork Avocado Bong is as easy as eating an avocado. First, fill the bong with clean, cold water up to the base of the avocado which sits within. Then, load up your fresh ground herb into the avocado bowl, light it up and inhale through the mouthpiece at the top.

2. How To Get Cool Hits From Avocado Bong?

There are some cool tips and tricks to get cool hits from your avocado bong. One piece of advice is to use refrigerated water. Another one would be to make sure your herb is fresh and not too dry. We also recommend changing the water frequently to make sure you are getting clean hits.

3. How To Clean/Maintain Avocado Bong?

Clean your bong often to make sure you get great flavor time and time again. We recommend rinsing it with some Iso alcohol and rubbing salt. Give it a little shake (after covering the holes) and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. You should be good to go!

Technical Specifications


6 inches

Joint Type


Joint Size

14 mm

Joint Angle

90 Degrees

Percolator Type

Diffused downstem



Glass Type

Thick Borosilicate


Green, Brown, Clear


Empire Glasswork

What’s included:

  • 1 * Avocado Bong 
  • 1* Avocado Bong Bowl
Empire Glassworks "Avocado" Mini Bong

Empire Glassworks "Avocado" Mini Bong