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Eggplant Honey Straw


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Empire Glassworks is known for its ornate and colorful glassware. They have made some incredible pieces of glassware, many of which are so intricate, they belong behind a glass cabinet! That’s not to say their pieces aren’t fully functional and work great!

Their line of 6-inch glass nectar honey collector straws are full of fun and good nature! This one in particular is based on the saucy and suggestive eggplant emoji! The colors pop out beautifully, making this collectible straw a true emblem of premium glass wizardry. Dab straws/honey collectors are a relatively new way to ingest premium wax and concentrate. It involves heating the tip until it’s red hot and then touching it to the concentrate (which vaporizes) and inhaling the cloud.


This eggplant straw is going to add a bit of flavor to your dabbing experience with a fun and creative design. You can just imagine whipping it out and watching as your buddies are like, “Woah, dude that’s sick!” Standing at just 6 inches tall, the eggplant honey straw, when stored correctly, is super portable and easy to take with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this product for? 

Empire Glassworks Eggplant Honey Straw is for you stoners who love Instagram and weed! Or maybe it’s for lovers of eggplants... If we are honest, we don’t know who it’s for exactly but if you’re looking at it right now thinking “This ROCKS”, then it’s for you.

On a more serious note, this product is perfect for someone who has been thinking about dabbling with dabbing. As it is very low cost but high quality, we are certain this would provide an excellent, yet special means of dipping your toe in.

Dabbing can bring a lot of perks with it, but buying big expensive dab rigs is not always what’s needed. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the way to go.

2. How do you hit a honey/dab straw?

Hitting a dab straw is super easy. You simply heat the tip of the straw with a butane torch until it is red hot. Then, you touch the tip of your straw to your concentrate (which you have laid out in advance on a heat-proof surface) and inhale the sweet sweet sensi.

3. How do I clean my Honey Straw?

It is easy to keep your eggplant honey straw clean. A clean straw will make the world of difference when it comes to tasting all those delicious terps in your dab. Our first piece of advice? Clean it regularly. If you use it daily, clean it weekly. If you use it weekly, clean it monthly. We recommend soaking your glass in a mixture of 99% pure isopropyl alcohol and rock salt. Shake it up in a freezer bag to dislodge the residue. When you are done, give it a nice long rinse off, and then you are good to go!

Eggplant Honey Straw

Eggplant Honey Straw

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