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Hot Sauce Bong

VENDOR: Empire Glassworks


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Hot Sauce Bong:

Perfect for the user who wants to spice up their sessions. The Hot Sauce “Sriracha” bong from Glassworks is a perfect addition to the smoker who has a unique collection of bongs. It is definitely a bong that will be coming up in conversation, as it is something that is not seen every day. 

It resembles a sriracha bottle with its red body and green cap mouthpiece. If it was not for the Empire glasswork logo on the front of the glass you could argue that it is a perfect replica and may even get the two confused. 

Inside the chamber you can find a fixed downstem equipped with a 3 hole perc to help diffuse your smoke as you inhale resulting in cleaner hit. The bong also comes with a male fitted bowl with a glass opal attached for easier gripping. 

1. Banger hanger

Banger hangers are a stemless joint that are meant for female joints and are probably the most desired type of joint when it comes to bongs. 

2. Themed Glass

Themed glass is one of the most popular designs. It allows users to express themselves in corky and fun ways that express who they are. Themed glass bongs elevate the bong games from traditional clear glass and make them fun.

3. Packable size

Standing at only 6.5 inches tall this bong is able to travel with you. No more wishing that you can bring your most favored piece to a party, now you can and show it off. 

4. Thick glass

Thick glass on a bong ensures its durability and longevity, neither of these means that it is indestructible, but it will be able to withstand the heat. 

5. Included Bowl

The Hot Sauce Bong comes with a perfect fitting bowl. The bowl comes with an opal and the Glassworks logo embedded on it, the opal allows for an easier grip to reduce the amount of accidents that can occur from a hot bowl. 

How To Operate the Hot “Sriracha” Sauce Bong

Using the Hot Sauce bong is fairly simple. Fill up the bottle with water up until the banher hanger, make sure you don’t over fill it, so you can avoid splash back. Fill up your bowl and light it up, the mouthpiece is of course the top of the bottle. 

How To Clean the Hot Sauce Bong

Because there is a colored glass chamber you will not be able to see the residue as much which is a blessing and a curse. You will need to clean it more frequently to ensure a clean session, but if you forget once or twice, people won’t be able to see whether it is clean or not. To clean your piece you'll need sea salt, isopropyl alcohol, and zipper bags. 

Remove the bowl and place it in a zipper bag with ISO and salt move it around to ensure the residue is coming off. You will then pour out old water and put salt and ISO in the bong, cover the holes and shake it around. Once all pieces are clean rinse them with warm water and allow your piece to dry. 

Technical Specifications


6.5 inches tall

Joint Type

Female joint

Joint Size

14mm joint

Joint Angle

90 degree angle


American Glass


Red, Green, Clear


Empire Glassworks

What’s included:

  • 1 Hot Sauce “Sriracha bottle” Bong
  • 14mm male bowl 
Hot Sauce Bong

Hot Sauce Bong

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