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Empire Glassworks - Mini Rig - Sriracha Bottle

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Empire Glassworks Sriracha Bottle Mini Rig- A Quick Intro

This is a truly spicy bong. The Sriracha Bottle Mili Rig from Empire Glassworks takes the old tradition of a bottle bong and brings it up to scratch with some thoughtful engineering. This rig is ingeniously shaped out of colored glass to look just like a bottle of the finest spicy Siracha, cap, and all! It even comes with a label, so you'd be forgiven for mistaking this for the real deal at first glance. 

However, this is so much more than just a novelty piece. This bong offers an incredible level of quality and, counterintuitively, amazing cooling too! If you're a true bong aficionado who loves unique and high quality pieces, then this bong is a must for your collection. 

Empire Glassworks is a glass company based out of Placentia, California. They are a team of incredibly talented and visionary glassblowers with decades of experience in the industry. They draw inspiration from popular trends and love to theme their incredible bongs and bubblers after pop-culture sensations!

Top 5 Empire Glassworks Sriracha Bottle Mini Rig- Features 

Borosilicate Glass Construction

Though this bong's aesthetic is the first thing you'll notice when you get to it, the real star of the show is its quality. This piece is handcrafted out of high-quality borosilicate glass. This glass is renowned for its incredible purity and strength. It is perfect for bongs and bubblers thanks to its inherent thermal shock resistance and resilience against stress fractures. It also ensures that your hits will be pure and untainted, no matter how hot you like them. Any herb or dab aficionado will tell you that borosilicate glass is a must if you want a seriously good piece of glassware.

Striking Design With Custom Decals

There's no avoiding it, this is a seriously incredible looking bong. Its incredible design isn't painted on or a decal, it is worked out of colored glass. That's not to say that a little decal work hasn't been deployed, the front of the bubbler features an uncannily realistic label decal that will fool the casual observer into thinking that it’s a real bottle of sriracha. That is until they see the huge banger hanger mounted on its side. 

Diffuser Downstem

Despite its outward appearance as a bottle of hot sauce, this bubbler is incredibly effective at cooling your hits! This is thanks to the combination of a water reservoir and a diffused downstem. This has three holes in it that break up each of your hits into a flurry of small bubbles. These are more easily cooled by the water as they can access more of your smoke's surface area than usual. This means smoother, cooler hits that go down nice and easy. 

Reinforced Banger Hanger

A banger hanger is a rig that is designed for use with concentrates. Rather than using a bowl, these bubblers use nails, which are specialized pieces of glass designed to work at incredibly high temperatures. Banger hangers are designed to work with this type of accessory and always come with a female joint. This holds the banger at ninety degrees to the rest of the bubbler to make loading and heating easier. This rig is specially reinforced to ensure that it doesn't break because of stress fractures. 

14mm Glass Opal Bowl

This fantastic accessory is designed to hold your dabbing concentrates as you take a hit, totally vaporizing them and producing a consistent, dense vapor. This results in some truly awesome hits that even the most discerning of dab fans will love. 

How To Use Empire Glassworks Sriracha Bottle Mini Rig

- How To Operate Empire Glassworks Sriracha Bottle Mini Rig

The first thing you should do when prepping for a session is to fill the reservoir with clean, room temperatures water. Only fill it to the point where it just about covers the downstem. After this, get your dab concentrate and dabbing tool ready, you don't want to load it quite yet, but it's good to have on hand. Next, you should get your butane torch and carefully apply heat to the nail. Hold the flame there until it is thoroughly heated. Then, using your dab tool, load a drop of your concentrate onto the hot nail. As you do this, put your mouth to the bubbler's mouthpiece and inhale. Be careful not to touch the nail until it has cooled and you are ready for another hit. 

- How To Get Cool Hits From Empire Glassworks Sriracha Bottle Mini Rig

It is essential to ensure that you switch out your water after each session and keep your bubbler clean. This stops any blockages from building up and stagnant water from affecting the quality of your hits. 

- How To Clean/Maintain Empire Glassworks Sriracha Bottle Mini Rig

The first step is to empty the reservoir and refill it with isopropyl alcohol. Let this sit for a while to dissolve any grime. Then, carefully covering the mouthpiece and the joint, gently shake the bubbler to agitate any stubborn grime. Let it sit again, while you let it settle, get some alcohol, and wipe out any build-up in the nail before rinsing it with water and setting it aside. 

Empty the alcohol from the bubbler and rinse it with water. Let all of this dry fully before use. 

Technical Specifications


6.75 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

14 mm

Joint Angle

90 Degree

Percolator Type

Tree Perc


Borosilicate Glass

Glass Thickness



Red, Green, Clear


Empire Glassworks

What’s included:

  • 1 * Empire Glassworks Sriracha Bottle Mini Rig-
  • 1* Banger
Empire Glassworks - Mini Rig - Sriracha Bottle

Empire Glassworks - Mini Rig - Sriracha Bottle