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Mini Beehive Bong
Empire Glassworks Mini Beehive Bong
Beehive Bong
Empire Glassworks Beehive Bong
Bee Bong
Mouthpiece and Bowl
Themed Glass Bong
Worked Glass
Sold Out

    Mini Beehive Bong

    Enjoy wax straight from the hive!

    Nano Rig - Beehive with Bowl Piece is another beauty from Empire Glassworks. Travel friendly and discreet, it also doubles as art for your display case. The beehive theme is a conversation starter with all the details. 

    The mouthpiece is covered in amber honey. The worked glass honey drips down the length of the mini water pipe, and is also covered in small glass honeybees. This bong also features clear glass on the 90˚ 14mm female joint, the flared rounded base, and parts of the chamber. A  fixed downstem diffuses and filters  smoke for the smoothest hits possible. This glass bong includes a matching 14mm male bowl in the shape of a honeycomb and covered in bee's wax and glass bees. This mini bong is hand-blown from 5mm thick borosilicate. We see you Empire, holding it down for Placentia, California. This one's a must have. Order yours today!


    • 5.5 inches
    • Empire Glassworks Bong
    • Beehive Themed
    • Includes Matching 14mm Male Bowl
    • Beehive Mouthpiece
    • American Glass
    • Can Chamber
    • Clear Glass
    • Made in the USA
    • Colored Glass
    • 90° Joint
    • Female Joint
    • 14mm Joint
    • Mini
    • Fixed Downstem
    • Themed Glass


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