Empire Glassworks - Nano Rig - Panda

Empire Glassworks - Nano Rig - Panda

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Panda Fam Nano Rig

This playful, Panda Fam Nano Rig and accompanying panda cub vapor dome is a functional rig and decorative art piece. Canvased with delicious bamboo and accented with a mother panda bear and her curious cubs, this rig grants us a small glimpse into the oriental kingdom. Order yours today! 


  • Features:
    • Mini Beaker Panda-Themed Tube
    • Fixed Three-Hole Downstem
    • 14.5mm Reinforced Female Banger Hanger
    • 14.5mm Male; Panda Bowl Piece
    • Mini Panda Accents  
    • Height: 6.5" 
    • Width: 3.5" 
    • Weight: 8.1 oz



    • Individually Hand Crafted Art Piece.
    • Limited Quantity and Availability.