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beehive recycler
empire glassworks beehive recycler
mini beehive recycler
empire glassworks bee bong
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honey drips with bees
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recycler with honeybee
joint with honeybee
beehive themed bowl
Sold Out

    Mini Beehive Recycler


    This little beehive stands at just 5" tall. It may be a tiny rig but it has a big punch. 

    The 3-hole fixed downstem pushes out the smoke into the water which is then forced into the top chamber and recycled back to the bottom. the circulation of the smoke gives it time to cool off and will not burn your mouth when it gets there. 


    • 3-hole fixed diffuser 
    • Bent mouthpiece
    • Joint size: 14mm
    • Hand crafted
    • Easily convert to rig


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