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    "Renew The Redwoods" UV Mini Beaker

    Renew the redwoods UV mini Beaker

    Owl things considered, the Renew the Redwoods Mini Beaker from Empire Glassworks may very well be the most adorable water pipe on the market! The handcrafted glass artwork inside the main chamber expertly replicates a forest tree, complete with green moss and colorful wild mushrooms growing from the bark colored glass. On the backside a cute baby owl can be found burrowed within the tree, while matching wood-colored glass on the worked maria rings, flared mouthpiece, and reinforced dewar’s joint make this piece a true standout. The Renew the Redwoods Mini Rig measures 6.5” inches tall and features a clear glass body made from thick borosilicate glass. The entire tree serves as a fixed diffuser downstem and uses holes at the bottom to filter your smoke through water as you inhale. The worked glass accents on the tree are each individually handmade from UV reactive glass and shine bright under blacklight!

    • 14mm female
    • 6.5 inches
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