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Rocket Ship Bong

VENDOR: Empire Glassworks

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Rocket Ship Bong

Beginning their journey in 2013, Empire Glassworks has become a household name in glassware. The team has experience of over 40 years working with glass, and it shows in their fantastic product range. Their team of artists creates the most intricately designed pieces on the market. They take inspiration from various pop cultures to base product collections on. This limited edition Rocket Ship Bong is one of a kind. 

Are you enthusiastic about astronomy and bong smoking? Well, your passions can now combine. The Rocket Ship Bong by Empire Glassworks features a galactic-inspired bowl. This far from a gimmick that looks good. Its design is outstanding, bringing functionality as well as an aesthetic exterior. The honeycomb percolator sits in the middle of the bong. It contributes to a smooth, tasty, and flawless smoking experience. 

Top 3 Rocket Ship Bong Features 

We’ve highlighted some key features of the Rocket Ship bong, providing some detail into why they’re so great. 

1. Design:

From the very first time you lay your eyes on this beauty, you will be blown away. The intricacy and design work to create this Rocket Ship Bong is simply magnificent.
The main body of the bong is shaped like a rocket ship (....duh). The impressive glass body is complemented by 2 rocket boosters on either side of the bowl. The mouthpiece matches the base’s black color. It’s airtight and perfectly sized so you don’t need to worry about any smoke escaping. 

A fun fact for NASA enthusiasts: The rocket boosters are made from the highest quality dichroic glass. Empire Glassworks bond micro-layers of metal oxides together with glass. This is the exact technology and process used by NASA to merge materials together. Pretty cool, right? 

2. Functionality

It stands at 9.5” tall, making this a perfect mantlepiece bong to show off to your friends. It’s height also conveniently allows users to take their bong with them wherever they go.

Amazingly, the two rocket boosters also act as handles for users. This makes the user experience with this bong unforgettable. 

The base of the Rocket Ship Bong is made intentionally wider than the body. A larger surface area makes the bong steady on multiple surfaces and helps prevent any damages. 

3. Honeycomb Perc

The downstem of the Rocket Ship is fixed at a 90-degree angle. It is this downstream which directs the smoke towards the honeycomb percolator before it reaches the water at the bottom of the rocket. In true Empire Glassworks fashion, the percolator is topped with a detailed rocket ship. Their attention to detail is astonishing. 

Honeycomb percolators are designed with multiple small holes in them to maximize the smoke being dispersed. We’ve seen this type of percolator grow in popularity due to its incredible effectiveness. Its ability to cool and diffuse so well creates the smoothest rips you could ever wish for. 

How To Use the Rocket Ship Bong?

1. How To Operate the Rocket Ship Bong

The Rocket Ship bong comes with both a 14 mm male and a 14mm female joint. The male comes in the form of a bowl for herbal flower substances. The female is a honey bucket for concentrates and waxes.

Thanks to the dropdown, you’ll be able to heat the nail/bowl further away from your face. This is also great in preventing any damages to the glass.

2. How To Get Cool Hits From the Rocket Ship Bong

Do you find yourself going the extra mile to ensure you get those extraordinary hits? It’s fair to say that applies to the majority of us. With the Rocket Ship Bong by Empire Glassworks you won’t need to do much. The scientific standard of glass helps to cool the smoke alongside the honeycomb percolator. This allows for huge, smooth hits time and time again. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain the Rocket Ship Bong

The cleaning of any bong can be tricky at the best of times. Unfortunately, glass bongs most particularly so. The Rocket Ship Bong has a fitted downstem to combat against any breakages, but you’ll still need to be careful. If you have any isopropyl alcohol to rinse the bong and bowl/honey bucket. Once you have cleaned all the residue and rinsed it again with warm water, you’re all done. Set it aside to dry and get ready for your next session!

Repeating this process after each session will stop the transparent glass from staining. Having a clean percolator and bowl ill ensure that you’re getting the purest tasting, cool hits every time. 

Technical Specifications


9.5 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

14 mm

Joint Angle

90 Degree

Percolator Type

Honeycomb Perc


Borosilicate Glass


Empire Glassworks

What’s included:

  • Empire Glassworks Rocket Ship Bong
  • 14mm Male Bowl
  • 14mm Female Honey Bucket
Rocket Ship Bong

Rocket Ship Bong

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