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Eyce Spark Dab Rig


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Eyce Spark Rig- A Quick Intro

This is already shaping up to be a great rig, but Eyce didn’t stop there. The silicone sleeve features an array of handy tool notches, and even a hidden dab container built into its base. It also features a striking LED strip, that illuminates the entire rig. 

The Spark rig comes bundled with a quartz concentrate bucket and a glass bowl for herb, as well as a handy steel poker. 

This is a solid, and stylish rig that is sure to take pride of place in your dabbing kit. 

Top 5 Eyce Spark Rig Features 

1. Borosilicate Glass

All of the glass on this rig is high-quality borosilicate. This type of glass is created by adding silica to the glass while it is being formed. This leads to a material that is incredibly clear and resistant to high temperatures. This means that it is incredibly resistant to thermal shock, and has a low risk of stress fractures. This makes it perfect for a dab rig, which operates at extremely high temperatures. 

2. Platinum Cured Silicone Cover

The body of this rig is protected with a platinum cured silicone sleeve. 

This type of silicone is a flexible, resilient, castable material that is resistant to heat. There is no risk of this melting. Maintaining it is much easier than cleaning glass and it is also easier to handle. Silicone can also take on colors and patterns that are impossible in glass, so there are some style points there!

3. LED Light

This rig features a striking LED light that illuminates the bucket, mouthpiece, and EYCE logo on the silicone sleeve. This is clearly stylish, however, it is also pretty useful. You won't misplace this rig in a dark room, and you’ll always be able to see which end is which!

4. Hidden Storage

This rig is designed to make sure that your smoking kit takes up as little space as possible. The first thing you’ll notice is the various tool holsters that are molded into the silicone sleeve that gives you a handy place to keep your dab tools. It also features a small hidden place to keep your concentrates. This is a one-stop dab station!

5. Quartz Bucket

Dab buckets come in a range of different materials. All of them are specially treated to be able to resist the incredibly high temperatures needed to evaporate concentrate. Quartz is a particularly popular material thanks to its non-reactive nature it helps preserve the incredible natural flavor of your dabs.

How To Use The Eyce Spark Rig

1. How To Operate Eyce Spark Rig?

The first thing you need to do with this rig is prep it by filling the water reservoir till it just about covers the downstem. Then, ready your dabs by getting them ready in a non-stick container. Then get your butane torch and apply it to the bucket for a few moments. Then, get your dabs and apply them to the bucket. They will evaporate instantly, and you can take a hit. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From Eyce Spark Rig?

Ensure that you frequently change the water in this rig to get the very most out of it. Don’t overfill the reservoir as this can run your draws, and make sure that the downstem, perc, and airpath are clear. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain Eyce Spark Rig?

First, remove the glass rig from the silicone sleeve. Remove the bucket and empty the reservoir. Fill the device with isopropyl alcohol and some rice for gentle abrasion. Plug the joint and the mouthpiece and shake it until any grime dissolves. 

You can clean the bucket by steeping it in alcohol. Finally, empty away all the alcohol and let the rig dry completely before use. 

Technical Specifications


6 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

14 mm

Joint Angle

90 Degree

Percolator Type

Custom Disc Perc



Glass Thickness






What’s included:

  • 1x Eyce Spark Rig 
  • 1x Steel Poker
  • 1x Silicone sleeve. 
Eyce Spark Dab Rig

Eyce Spark Dab Rig