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Flat Top 25mm Cup Full Quartz "Fire Set"



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Flat Top 2.5mm Cup Full Quartz "Fire Set" - A Quick Intro

This is the ultimate setup for the true dabbing enthusiast!

This Full Quartz Cup Set comes with an all-quartz Banger, a quartz insert dish, a directional carb cap, and a couple of terp pearls so you can get the most out of every sesh! 

As you inhale through your rig, the uniquely designed carb cap will spin the terp pearls inside the banger pushing around your wax to increase surface area and heat retention. This unique function ensures none of your concentrates are wasted and everything is vaporized for maximum vapor production and flavor.

The complete Fire Set comes come with everything you need to get the best dabs possible!

Flat Top 2.5mm Cup Full Quartz "Fire Set" Features 

Premium Quartz

Unlike metal nails or ceramic, quartz is heat resistant and doesn't need to be seasoned like other bangers. The best thing about a quartz components is that it doesn't interfere with the flavor of your dabs and is ideal for low temp dabs.

Easy to Clean

Dirt, oils, and other contaminants can actually seed the crystallization process and cause your banger to become cloudy and opaque over time. The high-quality quartz of these components are very easy to clean and maintain (especially if you clean them while its still warm).

What’s included:

  • 1x Flat Top 2.5mm Quartz Cup
  • 1x Flush-fit carb cap
  • 1x Quartz drop cup
  • 2x 6mm quartz beds
Flat Top 25mm Cup Full Quartz "Fire Set"

Flat Top 25mm Cup Full Quartz "Fire Set"