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Flowermate SWIFT Pro Vaporizer
Flowermate SWIFT Pro Vaporizer
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Flowermate SWIFT Pro Vaporizer
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    Flowermate Swift Pro Vaporizer

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    Flowermate Swift

    Conduction had been the standard for portable vaporizers for years and years however now we are seeing an increase in demand for vaporizers that are capable of vaporizing using convection. The Flowermate Swift Pro Vape was developed as a full convection vape which acts upon the power of a heated chamber. Flowermate are a vaporizer manufacturer who are renowned across the globe for their high-performance vaporizers that have unique features. The Swift Pro Vape is no different than the rest and this is one of the only full convection vaporizers found on the market at the minute. The Swift Pro helps to preserve the taste of your dry product goods by sending air which is heated to your desired temperature, through an isolated and designated heating path. This helps to eliminate and carcinogens which can be found through the act of combustion. 

     Vaporizes Dry Products
    Mouth Piece Plastic
    Temperature Levels Fully Adjustable from 140-446F
    Initial Heating 30 seconds
    Heating System Convection
    Battery Capacity  3 sessions 
    Charging time 2.5 Hours
    Compatible chargers USB Charging
    Approximate Dimensions 4.5 in (Height) 2.2 in (Width) 1.05 in (Depth)
    Warranty 3 year warranty


    The Flowermate Swift Pro is a small, lightweight vaporizer that can be concealed in the palm of your hand or by placing into a pocket. With its sleek compact design, you can carry wherever with you.  

    Ease of Use 

    For a beginner or vape veteran, the Swiftpro is incredibly simple to use. the Swift Pro employs an interchangeable chamber wall – in your box you will find three bamboo chamber walls and a Borosilicate glass chamber. The bamboo chamber walls give off a more natural tasting vapor whereas the glass provides a smooth and thick vapor.  


    The battery is a dual 18350 battery that can be charged through a micro-USB port. Once fully charged (full charge time – 2.5 hours) it will last around 30/40 minutes continues use or up to 3 sessions. What the battery may lack in power, the Swiftpro makes up for in discreetness and portability.  


    The Flowermate Swift Pro uses convection heating. Convection heating heats the materials to be vaporized and creates fast vaporization with very clear and potent results. Convection heating is now on the rise beforehand it was the main way of heating in vaporizers, but it was inconsistent in the way it heated the materials and ultimately lead to combustion. Due to advancements in technology, convection heating is now efficient. The Swift Pro produces pure tasting vapor because of the way it is heated.  


    The Swift Pro is small enough to be concealed in the palm of your hand or in your pocketVaporizers only cook your materials when you draw from the vaporizer, so it emits very little vapor and that vapor tends to be odorless. The Swift Pro is a powerful device that is perfect if you’re always on the go – being able to vape dry product anywhere you go with no one aware is liberating!  

    Temperature Flexibility 

    The Swiftpro employs a precise temperature control which gives you the freedom to set the temperature to your preferred temp. The temperature ranges from 140-446F. Some people enjoy flavorful vapor while other enjoy dense, less flavorful vapor and the Swiftpro allows you to do this. Lower temps will give you tasty but little vapor but higher temps with give you thick and smooth vapor but less flavor.  

    For many, the Swiftpro will be a new experience. With a vaporizer that uses a newly reformed convection heating system as opposed to a conduction method, this will be a first for some people and an exciting endeavor for beginners or vape veterans! The Swiftpro delivers excellent vapor, exquisite flavor, speedy heat up times and all in a sleek compact unit. This Flowermate unit comes in two stunning colors, black and green. The Swiftpro employs a striking futuristic design. A high-quality vaporizer for a reasonable price! 


    • 1 x Flowermate Swift Pro Vaporizer
    • 1 x African Palisander Chamber Wall
    • 1 x Bamboo Chamber Wall
    • 1 x Borosilicate Glass Chamber Wall
    • 5 x Stainless Steel Screens
    • 1 x Dabber and Packing Tool
    • 1 x Loading Cap
    • 1 x Chamber Removal Tool
    • 1 x Cleaning Brush
    • 1 x USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x User Manual