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G Pen Elite II Vaporizer

VENDOR: Grenco Science

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Who Should Buy the G Pen Elite II?

If you are familiar with the original GPen Elite vape, you may have trouble noticing too much of a difference between its successor at first glance. But take a deeper look inside the G Pen Elite II and you will see how much has changed since the days of the Elite.

For starters, this is a wi-fi compatible vaporizer, bringing G Pen firmly into the modern world, not that it was far off already. So this is a pen for seasoned vapers who want a little more out of their portable vaporizer.

This also means that discretion and ease of use and transport is important to these very users. Its ability to discreetly fit in your pocket is a definite plus, compared to other (equally powerful) portable vapes like the Mighty+ that comfortably fit in a purse but not skinny jeans.

Why You’ll Love G Pen Elite II?

The best thing about the G Pen Elite 2 is its ability to give you everything that a more sizable, less portable vaporizer could give, without really giving you a cumbersome interface or hardware learning curve to get past.

You will love the flavor of your dried herbs thanks to the dual-action vaporizing, as well as the isolated airpath. The ability of this vape to last an hour total of session time after 1 charge is a formidable attribute as well. 

In addition, the easy maintenance of the GPen Elite 2 vape pen is sure to satisfy those of us out there who dread having to clean our vapes. 

How To Use G Pen Elite II?

1. How To Operate G Pen Elite II

First, check that your Elite 2 vaporizer pen is properly charged; it should be fully charged straight from the box, even if there is a charge. This may take up to 90 minutes via the USB-C cable that is included in the box. 

After a full charge, hold down the power button for 4 seconds to turn on your G Pen Elite II. To toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius display, the power button 5 times quickly to access the settings. 

Hit the “+” and “-” buttons to choose your settings, then hit the power button to confirm your selections This is applicable to temperature selection as well. 

From here, your next step is to remove the mouthpiece to load up the heating chamber. The chamber capacity gives you about 0.5 grams of space to work with, but it is important to be mindful about how much you pack.

The pick tool can be handy here to ensure a good pack.

You will then double-click the power button to begin the heating sesh, and then from here, enjoy your pack by inhaling at the zirconia mouthpiece. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality from the Elite 2 by GPen

Overpacking will surely complicate your session and vapor quality. The problems arise from air paths and comfort, and flavor will be affected too, so pack evenly. 

Also sure that you are toggling the temperature to suit your needs. Too hot or too low can affect your experience, so it will take some time to learn about your preferences.

And, as always, cleaning and maintenance are integral parts of a healthy G Pen Elite II.

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

Start by powering off the Elite 2 vape, making sure to wait a few minutes for it to fully cool down if it was in use. 

Use cotton swabs or q tips dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean the mouthpiece, silicone insert, and screens. Let these parts sit and dry for an ample amount of time before reassembly.

For a full clean, you will remove the screen from the silicone insert, as well as the ceramic airpath spiral. These parts can be submerged in isopropyl alcohol along with the zirconia mouthpiece. 

Rinse, allow plenty of time for drying, then reassemble

Do a quick burn-through session after assembling to rid it of any leftover buildup. 

Top 5 G Pen Elite 2 Features 

Haptic Feedback

Haptic feedback for sensory notifications can be quite useful, especially during a session when your GPen may need a charge or when it has finished heating. 

Dual-action heating

Both convection and conduction heating are treated to have with your G Pen Elite II, as this results in far better flavor and vapor quality thanks to uniform heating and more efficient cooking of your herbs. 

Isolated Airpath 

The scalding air does not make any contact with the more delicate hardware parts of your G Pen Elite 2. 

Zirconia Mouthpiece

This fancy-looking, sleek mouthpiece is comfortable to use and is the cherry on top of an already very handsome-looking vape. 

Draw activated vaping

No need to hold anything down or fumble too much with your G Pen Elite 2. Just bring it to your lips and voila! 

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Allows users to update firmware & track usage.

Is the G Pen Elite II worth It? 

This is a worthy, satisfying follow-up to the original G Pen Elite, and the updates that have taken place are extremely beneficial for regular users. In particular, the dual heating system increases product satisfaction by a significant margin.

In addition, wi-fi compatibility for firmware updates, as well as the isolated airpath and simple cleaning process make this luxury portable vaporizer worth its price point. 

What’s included:

You can look forward to the following being included with your G Pen Elite II:

  • G pen Elite II Vaporizer (For Dry Herb Use)
  • G pen Elite II Silicone Sleeve
  • USB To USB-C Charging Cable
  • Hemp travel case
  • Pick tool

Technical Specifications:

Here are some of the specifics of your G Pen Elite II.

Compatible with:

Dry Herb

Heating system

Dual/Hybrid (Convection/Conduction)

Chamber Capacity

0.5 Grams

Battery length

1 hour

Battery Type


Charging Time

90 minutes

Battery Type

2100 mAh


Height: 4.6 inch

Width: 1.2 inch

Temperature settings

200° F - 420° F

5 Most Important Questions About G Pen Elite II

Q1. How much dry herb can fit inside the Elite 2 chamber?

You can fit about a half gram of dry herb in the heating chamber.

Q2. How long can my G Pen II last on a full charge?

You can look forward to about an hour’s worth of vaping after a full charge.

Q3. Can I disable the haptic feedback?

Indeed you can - just access the settings menu by hitting the power button 5 times rapidly, select haptic feedback, and then use the power button again to toggle. 

Q4. How do I know when to charge my G Pen Elite II vape pen?

There is a battery icon on your LED screen that will let you know how much juice is left in your G Pen 2. 

Q5. Can I use concentrates with my G Pen 2?

Nope! This is an exclusively dry herb-only vaporizer.

G Pen Elite II Vaporizer

G Pen Elite II Vaporizer