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G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer

VENDOR: Grenco Science

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Who Should Buy G Pen Micro +

The G Pen Micro+ is designed for on the go concentrate fans who are passionate about smooth, dense, and pure tasting vapor. Those who look for a straightforward design in their vaporizers will appreciate the simple one-button operation and temperature presets on this device. The Micro g pen is built only from the highest quality materials and features 510 cartridge recognition technology that can distinguish between cartridges and the Micro+ tank. The Micro+ is also incredibly easy to use and get used to, making it ideal for beginners. 

Why You’ll Love G Pen Micro +

There are plenty of reasons to love the G Pen Micro+ vaporizer, such as its small and discreet design that fits comfortably in the hand, the powerful, consistent, and flavorful vapor it can deliver As well, the high-end materials G Pen uses like food-grade silicone, quartz, and ceramic. The Micro+ vaporizer is also packed with a 850mAh battery that can be fully charged in just 90 minutes and will last 9-12 sessions. Use any 510 cartridges with the G Pen Micro+ vaporizer, it's as simple as unscrewing the tank and connecting your THC/CBD cartridge.

How To Use G Pen Micro+?

Thanks to its straightforward design, the G Pen Micro+ is an incredibly easy device to get used to. The LED light and haptic feedback on this vaporizer let you know the status of this device at any time. The Micro+ also features just 3 different preset voltage settings, taking away the unnecessary confusion for users. The entire device is made up of just 3 main components, the mouthpiece, the micro+ tank, and the 850mAh battery, this makes cleaning and maintaining the device just as easy as using it!

1. How To Operate Micro+

Before use, be sure to fully charge the Micro+ battery with the USB-C charging port located at the bottom of the device. The LED button will flash red while it charges and will turn a solid green color when it has fully charged. 

Press the power button five times quickly to turn on the Micro+ vaporizer. The Micro g pen vaporizer will adjust the power output based on connection to a micro+ tank or any 510 thread cartridges, using cartridge recognition technology. To toggle between heat settings, press the button three times. The LED button will display a color that represents each setting. For concentrates in the micro+ tank the settings are as follows, blue=low, green= medium, and red=high. When the pen is connected to a 510 cartridge the settings go by voltage also represented by LED light and these settings are as follows: Blue= 2.5V, Green=2.76V, and 3V.

When you have selected a heat setting, remove the mouthpiece to load your concentrates into the chamber or screw in the 510 threaded cartridge then reattach the mouthpiece. To activate manual heating, hold the power button down, it will flash during heat up and will turn solid once the preset temperature is reached. To activate automatic heating, press the button twice, it will also flash during heat up and turn solid when it's ready. Bring the device to your mouth and inhale from the mouthpiece. This active heating will continue for a duration of 10 seconds before automatically cooling back down. After 5 minutes of inactivity, the entire device will automatically turn off to conserve the battery.

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

To get the best vapor quality from the Micro G Vape Pen vaporizer, there are a few things you can try. Firstly, always make sure you are using the freshest possible concentrates and not overpacking them into the chamber. When choosing a temperature, start with the lower settings and avoid using the highest setting too much. While higher temperatures produce high density vapor, lower temperatures guarantee you better tasting hits. As you use the device, try using your diaphragm to inhale slow and short draws as quick hits are more effective.

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

The ceramic air path in the micro+ mouthpiece can be separated from the silicone sleeve and cleaned. The internal ceramic airpath of the silicone mouthpiece can be removed for a deeper clean. Make sure to remove the innermost ceramic piece as well for a thorough cleaning. To clean or replace the micro+ tank, twist off the mouthpiece assembly from the battery, then twist off the micro+ tank. Use isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab to clean off any residue.

Top 5 Micro+ Features 


The Micro+ features a sleek, discreet, and durable design that can be easily slid into any pocket or purse. The entire device is composed of just 3 components, the mouthpiece, the micro+ tank, and the 850 battery, all crafted from high end materials. Thanks to its simple one-button operation, the Micro+ is incredibly easy to use and become comfortable with. 

Battery and Power

The Micro g pen vaporizer features an 850mAh battery in the bottom half of this pen that can be charged within 90 minutes via a USB charging cable. This vaporizer also fully supports pass-through charging, meaning you can safely enjoy it while it is connected and charging without worrying about damaging the battery. The battery of this device has a chip that gets real-time feedback from the coil and will make instant micro-adjustments to the power output to keep the temperature at the coil steady and consistent. 

Cartridge Recognition Technology 

G Pen’s Micro+ vaporizer features cartridge recognition technology that recognizes and adjusts between G Pen’s proprietary cartridges and traditional 510 cartridges, which gives users the flexibility to fill their cartridge.

Cooling Mouthpiece

The Micro+ vaporizer mouthpiece itself has 2 main parts, a ceramic mechanism that cools the vapor as it travels through, and a silicone cover that protects the airpath. This build allows for cool, smooth, and tasty vapor. 

Temperature Presets

There are 3 temperature presets included in the Micro+ vaporizer pen and are all represented by the LED light on the power button. While wax concentrate is in the chamber, the temperatures are low(blue), medium(green), and high(red). While the device is connected to a 510 cartridge, the voltage settings are as follows 2.5V=blue, 2.75V=green, and 3V=red. 


Lemonnade x G Pen Micro+

Designed in collaboration with Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur, Berner, G Pen has introduced the Lemonnade x G Pen Micro+ vaporizer. This Micro+ vaporizer is coated in the easily recognizable bright yellow of Lemonnade’s brand, including its logo on the front.

Dr GreenThumb x G Pen Micro+

Designed in collaboration with Los Angeles rapper and entrepreneur, B Real, G Pen has introduced the Dr Green Thumb x G Pen Micro+ vaporizer. This Micro+ vaporizer is coated in a dark green color and includes the Dr Greenthumb logo on the front.

Cookies x G Pen Micro+

Designed in collaboration with Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur, Berner, G Pen has introduced the Lemonnade x G Pen Micro+ vaporizer. This Micro+ vaporizer is coated in the iconic blue shade of the Cookies brand with the logo on the front. 

Is the Micro + worth It? 

The Micro+ is different from other vaporizer pens on the market, it is built with portability, durability, and efficiency in mind. This device allows you the utmost flexibility, smooth pure tasting vapor, and an incredibly easy clean up all at a low price point. 

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What’s included:

1x G Pen Micro+ battery (Variable Voltage + 510 Threading)

1x G Pen Micro+ Tank

1xG Pen Micro+ Mouthpiece Assembly (Silicone Mouthpiece + Tank cover)

1x G Pen Keychain Tool

1x USB to USB-C Charging Cable

1x Hemp Travel Case

Technical Specifications:


510 cartridges, wax concentrate

Chamber capacity


Voltage settings

2.5V, 2.75V, 3.0V

Charging time

1.5 Hours

Battery length

9-12 sessions


4"x 2"

Heating system



1 Year

5 Most Important Questions About G Pen Micro+

Q1: What does the vibration of the Micro+ indicate?

The vibration you are feeling is the haptic feedback and this can mean a few different things. The vibration can happen when the device is being turned on or off and will also vibrate to indicate that the tank has reached the desired temperature and is ready to vape. 

Q2:Can the Micro+ vaporizer be used while charging?

The Micro+ vaporizer supports pass-through charging which means that it is completely safe to use while it is connected to the charging cable. 

Q3: Why are the lights on the micro+ flashing different colors when I try to use it?

The LED light on the pen may begin to flash between red and green when there is an issue in communication with the battery and the tank. This light will also flash red when the device needs to be charged.

Q4: Can the Micro+ be used with a standard 510-compatible cartridge? 

The Micro+ vaporizer uses cartridge recognition technology to provide power to any 510-compatible cartridge.

Q5:Can you vaporize dry herbs using the G Pen Micro+?

The Micro+ supports only wax concentrates and oil cartridges, do not attempt to load dry herb into the chamber.

G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer

G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer

Dr. Greenthumb's