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Glass Spoon Pipe Large

    6" Glass Spoon Pipe | Grav Labs

    $23.99 $25.99

    6" Glass Spoon Pipe | Grav Labs

    GRAV 6" Glass Spoon Pipe is enormous from the handle to the bowl and carb hole. It is also a conversational piece with its style and color.


    • For flowers
    • Inverted mouthpiece
    • Large bowl
    • Carb hole

    What’s in the box?

    1 x 6-inch Large GRAV Spoon

    GRAV® Large Spoon 6 Inch | Bigger, More Satisfying Hits

    Some days, you need to pack more flowers on your spoon pipe. On that day, you will need the Large 6-inch spoon pipe from GRAV Labs.

    The 6" Glass Spoon Pipe features a large bowl for long-lasting hits. It also has an inverted mouthpiece that doubles as an ash catcher. The glass piece ensures pure vapor quality.

    Expect bigger hits with this large spoon without compromising on its taste.

    Product Variants

    The 6" Glass Spoon Pipe is the LARGE version of the Classic Spoon Pipe from GRAV. They also have the Mini 3” and the Classic 4” variations.

    Color varieties of 6" Glass Spoon Pipe include blue, aqua, white, green, and gold fumed.

    Technical Details


    6 inches



    Carb hole

    On left

    Made for

    Dry Herb



    GRAV 6" Glass Spoon Pipe is designed like a large tablespoon in an assortment of jewel colors and the GRAV label sandblasted on the handle.


    • Big, smooth hits
    • Elegant design


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