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Grav Labs 4
Grav Labs 4
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    4" Glass Blunt


    What an interesting concept right? A glass blunt to smoke your herb out of. This 4" glass blunt is made and designed by GRAV Lab. It is made from 2mm borosilicate glass to withstand the wear and tear as well as the heat. This little blunt is very convenient to take with you as long as you don't pack it first. There is no stopper at the end, so you'll need to bring your herb in something else and pack when you get to your destination. 

    How to use 

    Pull pout the thinner piece of glass and jam in the herb into the larger glass part of the blunt. Once its in you smoke it just like you would any other blunt. The good thing about having a glass blunt is that it does not get soggy. 


    Cleaning this piece is very simple, all you need is Iso and some salt put everything into a ziplock and shake it gently and allow it to soak for 30 minutes. When done allow it to dry off completely and you are ready to light up again. 


    • pocket size
    • used for herbs
    • 4" tall
    • heavy duty rubber seal


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