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GRAV 8.75
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    GRAV 8.75" Helix Flare Water Pipe - Clear

    GRAV Labs 8.75" Helix Flare Water Pipe - Clear

    The GRAV Labs Helix Flare Water Pipe's fission downstem diffuses smoke through water and is fixed inside the pipe to prevent breakage. The Venturi chamber mouthpiece features three air intake holes that cool and spin smoke. The Helix™ Water Pipe comes ready to use with a 14mm Helix™ Taster® Bowl and functions best with approximately 2" of water.


      • Accepts 14mm bowls
      • Made with 60x5mm Borosilicate Glass
      • Total Height: 9 in
      • Base width: 4 in
      • Helix Mouthpiece cools down hits with air injection and spinning action


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