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GRAV Labs 8" Beaker Bong w/ Fixed Downstem

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Grav Labs 8” Beaker Bong w/ Fixed Downstem - A Quick Intro

Grav Labs have been producing pipes for over 10 years, and their craftsmanship truly shows in this 8” Beaker Bong w/ Fixed Downstem. Designed with beautiful long-lasting borosilicate glass, a compact fixed downstem, and an innovative geometric ice pinch, this unit is built for durability and efficiency.

This high-quality beaker bong is ideal for everyday use and will last you as long as you want it. This unit is equipped with a female 14mm glass-on-glass joint and comes with a 14mm Grav cup bowl for your dry herbs. This piece is perfect for those looking for a reliable glass bong that won't break the bank.

Top 5 Grav Labs 8” Beaker Bong Features 

1. Fixed 3-Hole Diffused Downstem Percolator

The 8” Beaker Bong by Grav Labs features a 3-hole diffused downstem percolator that extends from the bowl and creates huge milky hits using the multiple holes at the end to percolate and diffuse the smoke.

Downstems on bongs ensure that all smoke gets forced into and filtered through the water before you inhale. This glass downstem is fixed to the piece to prevent any damage to the stem while taking it on the go. 

2. Geometric Ice Pinch

This beaker bong is designed with a geometric ice pinch that can serve a few different functions. For super cool hits that prevent throat irritation, the ice pinch allows you to stack ice through the mouthpiece to achieve massive smooth and milky clouds.

This pinch can also prevent water from splashing out of the unit when prepping the bong for a session or just cleaning. Finally, this geometric pinch creates the perfect grip on the neck of the beaker bong for easy mobility. 

3. Compact and Portable

The 8” Beaker Bong is designed to be compact and easy to take anywhere you go. The fixed downstem prevents it from banging around within the bong or falling out altogether. The unit is easy to grab and can fit effortlessly into any backpack. 

4. Clear Borosilicate Glass

The beautiful clear borosilicate glass of the Grav Labs 8” Beaker bong allows you to see the magic happening within the piece and how much smoke you’re inhaling. The long-lasting borosilicate glass provides more durability too.

5. Glass on Glass 14mm Joint

The Grav Labs 8” Beaker Bong is equipped with a female 14mm glass on glass joint and includes a male 14mm Grav cup bowl for your dry herbs.

How To Use the Grav Labs 8” Beaker Bong

The GRAV labs beaker bong is easily operated just like any other glass bong. Using this piece is as simple as filling it with water, loading your herb into the bowl, and taking a hit.

The 8” Beaker Bong is designed with simplicity in mind, making every step of the way quick and easy. Just like operating the device, cleaning and maintaining this device is also super simple and won’t take a long time at all.

How To Operate the Grav Labs 8” Beaker Bong

Start by pouring water into the bong through the mouthpiece until the waterline in the beaker is above the base of the stem, but below the bowl. Take a small amount of well-ground herb and fill the bowl without packing the material too tightly. Place your mouth inside the mouthpiece to form a tight seal. Hold a flame over the bowl and inhale strongly and steadily. Once the chamber begins to fill with smoke, pull out the bowl and inhale strongly to clear the chamber, then replace the bowl and exhale.

How To Get Cool Hits From the Grav Labs 8” Beaker Bong

There are a bunch of ways to ensure cool hits from the Grav Labs 8” beaker bong every session. For starters, make sure that the herb you’re loading into the bowl is very well ground to guarantee that it burns evenly. While you are loading the bowl, try packing the material lighter on the bottom and denser near the top for the best results. Finally, instead of using a lighter, attach an e-nail or a vaporizer with a pipe adapter to avoid the harsher smoke butane lighters often produce due to combustion. 

How To Clean/Maintain the Grav Labs 8” Beaker Bong

Grab some isopropyl alcohol and salt, then mix equal parts of each into a container big enough to fit the entire piece. Allow it to soak in this solution for anywhere between 1 hour and 1 day, the longer that you let it soak the easier it will be to break up any tar or resin. 

Take the bong and fill it halfway up with another batch of the alcohol and salt solution using a measuring cup or funnel. Make sure to cover up all holes the best you can and begin shaking the bong over a sink just in case. As you are shaking the piece, the solution should be breaking up the tar and expose the clean clear glass. 

Keep shaking for about 3 minutes and repeat the process as necessary until the piece is clear. Empty the solution from the bong and rinse well with warm water then give it a once over with cold water to prevent clouding in the bong. 

Technical Specifications


8 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

14 mm

Percolator Type




Glass Thickness





Grav Labs

What’s included:

  • 1 x 8-inch Grav Labs Clear Beaker Water Pipe
  • 1x 14mm GRAV bowl
GRAV Labs 8" Beaker Bong w/ Fixed Downstem

GRAV Labs 8" Beaker Bong w/ Fixed Downstem