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GRAV Labs 9" Bell Base

VENDOR: Grav Labs

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Grav Labs 8 inch Straight Base With Orb Perc 

Whether you are a fan of concentrates or dry herbs, this utilitarian, nice-looking bong from Grav Labs has you covered. With a fixed downstem and a novel, cool-looking orb percolator, you get some of the best bong rips in the biz with this efficient glass bong.

It’s an 8 inch tall, nice-looking bong with a 14 mm joint and a 90-degree downstem that is part of the bong’s infrastructure, and as such, will not bang around on you when you are moving it from one place to another.

It’s not a huge bong, so it looks great for coffee table sessions with a bunch of friends or simply as part of the lineup of your glass collection. 

Read on to learn a bit more about Grav Lab’s Straight Base creation. 

Top 5 Grav Labs 8 inch Straight Base With Orb Perc Features 

1. Borosilicate Glass 

Here at Everyone Does It, we are big fans of scientific glass/ borosilicate glass. We love the durability of this form of glass, and it gives you an added layer of comfort and security with your bong. It is also a bit easier to clean as well. 

2. Fixed Downstem 

The fixed downstem is a perk of this bong primarily because it is one less part to worry about getting broken during cleaning or transporting. Some may not like the fact that it cannot be removed for cleaning purposes, but that is why it is important to stay on top of cleaning! 

3. Flared Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece on this glass bong is flared for ease of use and comfort. It fits well around your mouth and acts as a good makeshift seal, so that vapor does not easily escape during sessions. 

4. Dual Action 

Why limit yourself? The Grav Labs bong gives you incredible rips with concentrates, but the included 14-inch glass bowl is there for you as well, allowing you to get equally fantastic bong rips with your dried herbs. 

5. Orb Perc

We love this orb percolator here at Everyone Does It. It efficiently filters your smoke by diffusing and allowing all the water to go into different directions during a bong rip, giving you even, flavorful, and soothing, relaxing vapor. Orb percs are not common, so enjoy it! 

How To Use Grav Labs 8 inch Straight Base With Orb Perc 

1. How To Operate 

Start by adding water to your Grav Labs bong through the straight neck part, at the 

mouthpiece. Overfilling is not advised. Grav Labs recommends just about 1.5 inches of water.

The diffuser acts as a guide, as well. Simply fill about an inch or so above the air slits of the orb percolator, and you should not encounter any nasty splashback. 

If you are uncertain, a couple of bong rips as a test before you proceed should help you out a little.

After filling the bong with water, ensure your banger or bowl is secured to the female joint before proceeding. 

Begin heating the banger with a blowtorch to a temperature that is pretty hot, but also make an effort to not get too crazy here. Overheating does not improve your hits, and if anything, it can make for an uncomfortable or hazardous hit, and that is no fun.

After heating and waiting a few seconds, place some wax concentrates into the banger bowl and stir with a dab tool. 

While doing this, use the mouthpiece to inhale the smoke being produced, remembering to take it easy at this part if you are a novice. You will see the orb percolator agitating the water and giving you an incredible hit. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits 

The trick for everything to be smooth and streamlined during your sessions is to have 

a clean, maintained, pristine bong! 

At EDIT, we have to emphasize this user tip on a regular basis, because complaints 

about dysfunctional bongs and poor hits tend to be resolved with a deep clean, at least most of the time.

If you make it a habit, you run into far fewer issues, trust us!

Also, overheating, overfilling, and overserving is not going to get you anywhere, so 

keep everything in moderation. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain 

Cleaning is pretty simple and chill with the Grav Labs, primarily because it is not a complex process at all. But as an owner of a Grav Labs bong, it is dependent on you to maintain the habit of cleaning it on a regular basis.

You will need isopropyl alcohol (91%-99%) and some coarse salts. This combination solution will loosen up grime quite well if used after every few sessions or so. The trick is to not let buildup occur.

Pour this combined solution into your rig and shake up vigorously, repeating as 


Use the same solution to clean your 14 mm bowl as well, using cotton swabs dipped in 

the solution to wipe it down or simply submerge it in the solution.

Technical Specifications

Here are some of the specific technical specifications of your Grav Labs 8 inch Straight Base With Orb Perc. 


8 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

14 mm

Joint Angle

90 Degree

Percolator Type

Orb Percolator


Scientific Glass

Glass Thickness

4 mm

Base Diameter

3.5 inches



What’s included:

  • Grav Labs 8 inch Straight Base With Orb Perc 
  • 14 mm Grav Cup Bowl

GRAV Labs 9" Bell Base

GRAV Labs 9" Bell Base