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GRAV Labs 9" Bell Base

VENDOR: Grav Labs

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 A Quick Intro

If you want a great bong that pays homage to the classics while blazing its trail, then this incredible piece of glassware is a must. This Bell-Base Bong from Grav Labs is an impressive water pipe that stands 9" tall and is made out of crystal clear, high-quality glass. It features a fixed downstem for added stability and uses an incredible orb percolator to diffuse your hits and increase your herb experience's overall level of cooling. Its unique design allows for a tiered body construction that stops the water reservoir from splashing up into the airpath and ruining your session. 

Grav Labs began their journey to herb scene fame in 2004. Based in Texas, USA, they started with nothing but a single, solitary product in their range. Only a few short years later, and now Grav Labs dominate the bong and pipe scene! They are one of the best-known and celebrated names in the smoking and glass scene! They built a legendary name as one of the most iconic names when it comes to quality, immaculately designed glass bongs and pipes. With Grav Labs, you can expect nothing less than the very best bongs, glass pipes, handheld bubblers, and a huge range of useful smoking accessories! 

Top 5 Grav Labs 9" Bell Base Bong Features 

Orb Perc

Bongs are built to increase the level of cooling and filtration you enjoy with your dry herb experience. This works by cooling the surface area of your smoke as it travels through the water. This cooling effect can be increased with a percolator. This device breaks up your hit into a flurry of smaller bubbles, actually increasing the surface area of your hits and allowing the reservoir to cool them further. 

Broad Base

This distinctive bong has a striking bell shape. This is a unique take on the classic beaker bong design, giving it a more fluid, flowing aesthetic. However, it still has all the advantages of a beaker base bong. The main one of these is the overall larger footprint of the pipe. This means that it has an added level of stability and is less prone to tipping over. 

Fixed Downstem

The downstem is the part of your bong that leads from the joint down into the water reservoir. In this case, this bong is fixed in place. This means that it cannot be removed or move about. This reduces the overall risk of breaking or getting damaged. 

Tiered Body

The unique design of this bong has more advantages than just style points. It also has a tired design that means that no splashing water has a straight shot up the neck of the device. This means that no matter how hard you rip from it, you won't have to worry about getting bong water into your mouth.

14mm Cup Bowl Included

This bong comes with everything you need to set up an incredible dry herb experience. This cup bowl allows you to pack a large amount of herb safely, allowing you to enjoy an extra long, and extra potent experience. This is perfect for nights alone, or for sharing with friends!

How To Use Grav Labs 9" Bell Base Bong

  • How To Operate  Grav Labs 9" Bell Base Bong

Fill the reservoir to the point where the water partially covers but doesn't completely cover the downstem. Gently pack the bowl with ground herb. Put the larger chunks towards the bottom and lawyer the finer material over that. When this is done, put a flame to the bowl and take a long, slow draw. Pull the bowl out, and inhale. 

  • How To Get Cool Hits From Grav Labs 9" Bell Base Bong

Keeping this product clean, and the water well topped up is the best way to make sure that you get the very best results from it. 

  • How To Clean/Maintain Grav Labs 9" Bell Base Bong

Be very gentle when you're cleaning this product as it is made out of 100% glass. Use a solvent like isopropyl alcohol to gradually break up and rinse away any grime. 

Finally, give the entire pipe a rinse with warm water and set it aside to fully dry before use.

Technical Specifications


9 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

14 mm

Joint Angle

90 Degree

Percolator Type

Orb Perc



Glass Thickness






What’s included:

  • 1 * Grav Labs 9" Bell Base Bong 
  • 1 * Cup Bowl
    GRAV Labs 9" Bell Base

    GRAV Labs 9" Bell Base