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Grav Labs - Chiller Multi Kit
Grav Labs - Chiller Multi Kit
Grav Labs - Chiller Multi Kit
Grav Labs - Chiller Multi Kit
Grav Labs - Chiller Multi Kit
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    Chiller Multi Kit


    Choose which way you want to smoke and change your mind daily with his multi kit. There may look like there a lot but it is very simple and allows you to smoke any way you want to. Coming with three attachment all will be able to cool down your smoke with he glycerine mouthpiece. Easy to use and easy to avoid the mess, just leave your glycerin mouthpiece in the freezer and take it out before you want to use it. You have a choice of three attachments; a bubbler, a bowl, and a nectar collector. All three attachments have 14mm male joints to go with the 14mm female joint of the glycerin mouthpiece. Each are held securely in place by a keck clip.

    The bubbler is going to be perfect for a compact portable vaporizer. You much keep the mouthpiece cool of course if you want to travel around and keep the same experience of a cooled down session. Of course you can still use the mouthpiece without the cooling effect. The bowl is going to give you the same effect as a hand pipe but adding the cooling effect. Lastly, the nectar collector gives you the option to use with concentrates.


    • Bubbler Attachment
    • Freezable Glycerin Mouthpiece With 14mm Female Joint
    • Keck Clip Included
    • Nectar Collector Attachment
    • Clear Glass
    • Female Joint
    • 14mm Joint
    • Thick Glass


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