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Giant 18
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    Giant 18" Steamroller

    This 18 Inch Glass Steamroller from Grav Labs will have you reminiscing back to building your own homemade toilet paper roll steamer in high school. This grown up version is ultra sturdy and ready to lift you a bit further than your old cardboard friend.

    • 1.75 Inch Mouthpiece

    • 18mm Female Joint Size

    • 18mm Male Slide Bowl

    • Acrylic Keck Clip Included

    1.75 Inch Mouthpiece

    Load the bowl and light as you suck in air from the mouthpiece on one end. The carb opening at the other end allows you to decide how much smoke you'd like to fill the clear glass chamber tube with until you release and inhale.

    Keck Clip

    Keck clips are used to hold glass on glass joints and down stems together. This heat resistant plastic clip will be insurance for your precious glass pieces.

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