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Gravity Bong
Gravity Bong
Gravity Bong
Gravity Bong
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    Gravity Bong

    Gravitron Water Bong

    The 11-inch Gravitron Water Pipe is the first all-glass gravity smoking system by GRAV.


    • For dry herb
    • Glass water pipe
    • Pressurized smoke

    What’s in the box?

    1 x 11 inch GRAV Gravitron Medium, 1 x 12mm GRAV Funnel bowl

    GRAV® Medium Gravitron® | Fast and Huge Hits

    If you would like to achieve strong hits in the shortest time possible, turn to the gravity smoking system by GRAV. The Gravitron spans over a decade in the market and remains strong. GRAV rolled out with the first all-glass gravity smoking water pipe back in 2004 and has since become an iconic experience cannabis connoisseurs look forward to.

    The GRAV 11 Inch Gravitron is the smaller edition of the first release that does not compromise when it comes to producing hard hits. Gravitron works best with around 8 inches of water in the outer base.

    The Gravitron is easy to use: just pack the bowl with your nugs, place it on the mouthpiece and light as you gradually pull the bottle upwards out of the water. Now it’s time to take a hit by simply removing the bowl and inhaling the smoke as you push the bottle down into the water. The result is a pressurized flow of smoke that deliver strong hits in no time.

    Product Variants

    The GRAV® Gravitron is available in two sizes: the 11-inch tall Gravitron Medium and the Gravitron Large which stands at 14 inches. Apart from the size which affects how much flower and water you can pack into it, both carry the same features. Though, the Medium Gravitron is easier to handle.

    Technical Details


    11 inches


    12mm female

    Compatible with

    12mm funnel bowl (in package)

    Best for




    Its design is like a wine bottle with a Gravitron decal on the front. The bottle sits inside the glass which you fill with water to create the pressurized flow of the smoke. The funnel bowl sits on top of the mouthpiece. All parts are clear for perfect visibility.

    Pros and Cons

    • Smooth and powerful hits in record time
    • Excellent smoke conservation
    • Slight learning curve




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