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6" Upright Bubbler by Grav Labs

VENDOR: Grav Labs

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6" Upright Bubbler by Grav Labs - A Quick Intro

The 6" Upright Bubbler by Grav Labs combines the convenience of a handheld glass pipe with the function of a larger glass bongs.

The Grav Upright Bubbler features a fission downstem diffuser that filters your smoke through water and is fixed inside the bubbler to prevent damage. Its angled mouthpiece acts as a splashguard, and its lip wrap is flared for comfort. 

No accessories are necessary for using this bubbler, and it works best with approximately 1.5" of water. Product comes with assorted label colors: any of black, white, blue, green, red, purple, yellow, orange, or etch.

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Top 5 6" Upright Bubbler by Grav Labs Features 

Diffused Tungsten Downstem

The 6 inch Upright Bubbler by Grav Labs features a fixed downstem that has four sidewall facing holes made with tungsten rods. Tungsten has the highest melting point and lowest vapor pressure of all metals, and at temperatures over 1650°C has the highest tensile strength!

Flared Base & Mouthpiece

The flared, 3 inch base of the Grav Bubbler provides stability that makes it much less likely to tip over after a few late night smoke sessions. The mouthpiece is also flared, providing comfort for your lips and an excellent seal on your mouth.

Scientific Glass

Made from premium borosilicate glass tubing, the Grav Mini Bubbler is made from high-quality materials. Borosilicate is well known for its exceptional durability, ability to withstand high temperatures, and for how easy it is to clean.

Compact Build

The compact design of the Grav Labs small Upright Bubbler makes it easy to bring with you on the go. Small enough to fit in a small bag, this pipe is also discreet enough for covert sessions. All in all, despite its 6 inch build, this glass bubbler still packs a punch. 

Left-Handed Carb

The compact build coupled with the left-handed carb makes it easy to clutch a lighter in your right hand while you heat up all of your favorite dry herbs. The carb on this piece allows you to control the airflow of your sessions. 

How To Use 6" Upright Bubbler by Grav Labs

1. How To Operate 6" Upright Bubbler by Grav Labs

Start by adding water into the Grav Labs Bubbler Pipe’s water chamber. Add enough water so that the end of the downstem is submerged. 

Next, take your ground herbs and add them to the bowl. Just be sure not to pack the material too tightly, since that may inhibit airflow. On the other hand, packing the herb too loosely could result in it getting sucked down into the downstem.

Once you have your bowl ready to go, introduce your heat source to the bowl and inhale gently through the mouthpiece while you plug up the carb hole with your finger. 

To clear the piece, remove your finger from the carb and inhale, allowing the fresh air to push the remaining smoke out of the chamber.

2. How To Get Cool Hits From 6" Upright Bubbler by Grav Labs

To get cooler smoke, make sure to keep fresh, cool water in the water chamber. Usually, using cooler water will result in cooler hits.

Finally, make sure to clean your Grav Lab Bubbler regularly. If you allow the bubbler to get too dirty you will undoubtedly start to notice a drop in taste and overall vapor quality.

3. How To Clean/Maintain 6" Upright Bubbler by Grav Labs

To clean your Upright Bubbler, empty out any water in the chamber and rinse it out with some hot water.

Next, add some isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt to the inside of your chamber. Then, plug the holes and shake the piece up, focusing on areas that are especially dirty. 

Follow that up with another hot water rinse to get rid of any lingering alcohol aroma.

Allow the piece to dry completely before your next session.

Technical Specifications


6 inch

Mouthpiece Angle

45 Degree

Percolato Type

Diffused Fission Downstem



Glass Tubing



Grav Labs

What’s included:

  • 1x 6" Upright Bubbler by Grav Labs
6" Upright Bubbler by Grav Labs

6" Upright Bubbler by Grav Labs