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grav labs upline spoon pipe
upline spoon pipe, by grav labs
grav labs spoon pipe, upline
triple pinched spoon pipe, grav labs
grav labs spoon pipe, blue logo
grav labs spoon pipe, red logo
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    5" Upline Spoon Pipe

    5" Upline Spoon Pipe

    This spoon pipe may just be the most perfect hand pipe out there!

    It has a large bowl but still delivers smooth smoke due to the upline spines that it needs to pass before it gets to your mouth. 

    There is a left side carb that allows you to easily adjust the amount of airflow you want. As well as, a pinched mouthpiece that will catch any debris leaving you with a clean hit. 


    • 25X4MM Glass
    • Pinched ash catcher mouthpiece
    • Decal colors will varry 


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