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Gravity Bong

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11" M
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Gravity bong - Gravitron 

Introducing the new and improved design of the world’s first all-glass gravity bong, featuring durable high quality glass that is 5x’s thicker than before with new silicone grommets to create a tighter seal.

The Gravitron bong is one of the most efficient smoking products on the market since you are always getting the entirety of each hit in your lungs, and material is never wasted.

The Gravitron bong is easy to use too since the large bottle styled chamber holds the smoke completely until you are ready to draw, making it great for beginners. Since every component of this gravity bong is made of glass, you’ll never have to worry about chemicals from other materials entering your smoke.

This innovative gravity bong has a sophisticated, elegant-looking design that anyone would be proud to showcase on their coffee table. 

Top 3 Gravitron Bong Features 

Pressurized Draws

Conserve your material with the Gravitron gravity bong thanks to its unique funnel design that forces smoke upwards into your mouth for a strong pressurized hit that is unlike other bongs.

When using the Gravitron bong, no smoke is escaping from the device so you are inhaling the entire hit every single time. The 11” sizing provides the bong with a huge chamber for smoke to accumulate which allows for massive powerful draws. 

Thick Durable Glass

This Gravitron gravity bong by Grav Labs is made from high quality glass that is 5xs thicker than before. That doesn’t mean this bong can be tossed out the window, but the Gravitron bong is durable enough to handle a few drops or accidental bumps.

Grav Labs have even added new silicone grommets to prevent glass clinking together while in use. If any piece of the Gravitron gravity bong does happen to break, replacement pieces are available at very low prices. 

Simple Yet Elegant

The clear glass and subtle black accents of the Gravitron gravity bong give it a stunning elegant look that you do not see from other bongs on the market. It has a very simple design with just three parts that efficiently work together to deliver the best draws possible.

This attractive design isn't something you need to rush and hide before mom comes over, as this bong looks like normal decoration you’d find on any coffee table or bookshelf.

How To Use Gravitron Bong

The Gravitron Bong is certainly not your average bong, nor does it operate like one. While it is quite different from the typical bong experience, it is not only more efficient but even easier to use too. 

How To Operate Gravitron Bong

Take the cylindrical base and fill it up with water until the line reaches the bottom of the logo. Add the bottle insert with a freshly packed bowl of medium ground herbs at the top. You can now light the bowl as you slowly lift the bottle insert and allow smoke to fill up the chamber.

When it has filled up to your liking, you may remove the bowl and take a draw from the hole where the bowl was, you can push down on the bottle insert for an ultra pressured hit. That's all there is to it!

How To Get Cool Hits From Gravitron Bong

There are always a few ways to ensure you get nice cool hits from your bong every single session. For starters keep your bong, including the herb bowl, well maintained and properly clean so that no residue can build up and affect its operation. When loading up the bowl, ensure that herbs are ground well, but not too finely to where pieces fall through the bowl.

Double check that you have put the correct amount of water into the base, the water line should reach just below the Grav Labs logo on the front of the unit. Do not pull up the bottle insert too soon after lighting up the bowl or your hit will be too small.

Allow all the smoke to accumulate in the chamber for a few seconds as you light the bowl. Lastly, push down the bottle insert as you are drawing from the top of it, this will pressurize your hit and force the smoke directly into your lungs.

How To Clean/Maintain Gravitron Bong

Take the cylindrical base, bottle insert, and herb bowl and soak them separately in a container of isopropyl alcohol for up to a day. After soaking, take the herb bowl and a brush tool to scrub off any residue still remaining on the herb bowl.

You can also take a pipe cleaner and run it up through the bottom of the bowl. Rinse the herb bowl, cylindrical base and bottle insert well with warm water then allow to dry. 

Technical Specifications


11 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

19 mm



Glass Thickness



Grav Labs

What’s included:

  • 1 x Gravitron Bottle 
  • 1 x Gravitron Base
  • 1 x Grav 12mm Funnel Bowl
Gravity Bong

Gravity Bong

11" M
14.5" XL