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Helix Vape Pen Set
Helix Vape Pen Set
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Helix Vape Pen Set

Grav Labs
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  • Product Description

    Grav Labs - Helix Vape Pen Set

    Here we have the outstanding Helix Vape Pen Set by the innovators at Grav Labs. Only new to the vaporizer marketplace, Grav Labs have created another stunning piece of kit.

    Building from their quality Boro Pen, this borosilicate and chrome vape pen ingeniously includes a custom helix mouthpiece. This perfectly shaped mouthpiece is sure to catch the attention of your close friends.

    Perfect for oils and waxy concentrates, the Helix Vape Pen includes one 18mm glass adaptor, 3 coil vape elements and a cleaning spoon.

    The Helix Vape Pen includes a digital locking feature to prevent accidental use. Press the button 5 times to lock/unlock the product.

    The black vaporizer is then complemented with the creative helix logo on the glass mouthpiece. This logo comes in green, red or sandblast.

    Yet again, Grav Lavs show they are are no fools when it comes to creating exquisite yet efficient vaporizers.


    Glass Helix Mouthpiece

    18mm Glass Adaptor

    3 Coil Vape Elements

    Cleaning Spoon

    350 Battery

    Micro USB Charger

    BoroPen Compatible

  • Technical Specifications
    adjustable temperature Fixed
    brand Grav Labs
    compatibility Wax
    inhalation method Direct
    material Glass
    mouthpiece Glass
    power Battery
    vaporization method Conduction